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Vacation Rental SEO Marketing, Why?

I was told I have a face for radio but I didn’t let that stop me from putting together this SEO video for you. I just turned the camera on, and thought what do most clients ask me? Thats how I can best help my fellow vacation rental owner.

“Vacation rental SEO, what is it exactly?”

This is a question I get from both vacation rental owners and property managers. Yes, the majority have heard of the term “SEO” but owners still don’t fully grasp the concept of SEO therefore are not using SEO in their vacation rental marketing. I do understand, if you’re like most owners I speak with, you’re also not understanding the full benefits of SEO for your vacation rental business. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool  to help you make more bookings, higher profits with less resistance. I recorded this video for you in hopes you would take this enlightening information and empower yourself with the knowledge that can change your future. Because I know when your vacation rental is generating income and supporting itself; life is good (or at least better), without all the worries and the stress of your unfruitful and sometimes frustrating investment property; this is why I do, what it is, that I do.


In this video I explain 4 benefits of search engine optimization by no means is this all the benefits of SEO. I’ll continue to leak even more reasons, statistics and benefits of SEO sprinkled throughout the upcoming videos.

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