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                                                      Why Build A Great Vacation Rental Website?


Build A Vacation Rental Website

Have you been thinking of building a vacation rental website? If  so, build a grrrreat one!

If you’ve been considering building a vacation rental website, I’ve listed 6 key benefits rental owners receive when they build a great website for their vacation rental. We are talking great here, not websites that owners get just to feel better about having one.


I am not talking about cheap vacation rental websites, vacation rental website builders or free vacation rental website design services.  I’m talking about quality vacation rental websites designed by their owners to succeed and actually bring in the bookings.


1. Vacation Rental Advertising Is Changing, You’ll Need To Keep Up!


Today the internet is changing at a very high rate, with all the new ways we can communicate advertising has also changed. Today vacation rental advertising is changing in a direction called inbound marketing. The term inbound marketing is when you build a vacation rental website and create a funnel of traffic from 3rd party websites.  Inbound marketing is based on bringing traffic from other established websites to your own website, in a sense your steering traffic to your own website. Without your own vacation rental website, you can’t take full advantage of inbound marketing. When you build a great vacation rental website you won’t be left behind using old school vacation rental advertising strategies.


Your vacation rental website is now the most powerful weapon you’ll have in your vacation rental advertising arsenal. Now the small vacation rental business owner can get bookings right from Google when they build a great vacation rental website.


According to Google the majority of vacationers search for vacation accommodations on search engines before they visit a single vacation rental website.


What does that mean for owners?


Imagine your vacation rental website being found when a vacationer types in, (your property location)….. vacation rentals.


Smart owners have been reaping the benefits of their websites being found on Google and other search engines by travelers, are you one of them?


Designing, developing and marketing your vacation rental website is without a doubt the best vacation rental advertising you can do, you might ask, why?


2. You get found online first. ,


When you have a professional vacation rental website you can be found in a Google search.


3. The benefit is that you have less competition when vacationers find your private vacation rental website, compared to when they find your property on a congested vacation rental listing website. And we all know that less competition means higher profits.


4. Your vacation rental website is yours and more affordable than listings; you don’t have to pay a monthly advertising subscription to use your website, like you do with a vacation rental listing site or service. Overtime the amount of bookings generated directly from a vacation rental website can be surprisingly high and more than most listing websites will ever provide.


5. The best part of building a vacation rental website is, you can get free traffic from Google.

If your site is search engine friendly and developed correctly. Every marketing dollar you give for a rental listing site is money they use to further build and develop their business.


6. When you have a strong website with a foundation you can build on, every dollar you invest into your vacation rental website is an investment in yourself and your business, not HomeAway, VRBO or money hungry vacation rental advertising services.


The same way you found us online, is the same way we can help you get found on the web with an optimized vacation rental built right from the jump. Your ordinary vacation rental website isn’t going to due this, in order to achieve the success many owners are already experiencing you’ll need to build a GREAT vacation rental website.


Let Us Help You Build A Grrreat Vacation Rental Website, We Make It Easy!


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