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Who Are The Biggest Complainers Men or Women?

A conversation like this one can start a battle of the sexes.

Who do you think complains more? Men or Women?

Being married I might be inclined to say women but that would sound too much like I was complaining.

My wife might profess, men! Who’s right?

If you know who the biggest “complainers” are, you may be able to better equip yourself, your business and your staff. If you really understand and study your customer the traveler, you’ll end up a country mile ahead of the rest.

So, who really are the biggest complainers? A travel study sheds light on the subject for us. Here was the findings of the traveler behavioral study.

As usual my wife would’ve been right. According to the study (illustrated in this infographic) Men complain more than women when it comes to writing travel reviews. The travel statistics reveal that the person most likely to complain and write a bad review is a man, between the ages of 35 to 49 years old, on a leisure vacation.

Yea, it may be sound a bit like a stereotype but if we keep it real most stereotypes have some strand of truth to them. If you have a better understanding of who is more likely to complain this may be able to help you avoid a negative online review or solicit more positive reviews. Remember knowledge is the key that opens up opportunities.

These travel statistics also unveil women in this  same age bracket could be your biggest vacation rental advocates. Women are most likely to take the time to write reviews and give a better review rating! Why do you think that is?

What Do You Think?  Who Complains The Most?  Lets Hear It!

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