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What Is The Moral Of My Story?


I haven’t really shared a lot about my personal life with subscribers. Thats just been a rule of business, to not let “them” see who you are in “real life” because they might not like you or something you do!

I am setting fire to that old business doctrine today!

Not too long ago my friend Alan asked me Jay, where have you been? For awhile there he hadn’t seen me around on the social networks like I normally am.

I figured it’d be easier to tell Alan and fill everyone else in at the same time, who may have wondered “Where In The World Is Jay William?”, Hey Alan…..

Over the past few months a lot has been going on in my life, some really exciting news and some heart wrenching moments.

Let me first start off with the good news, we found out that we are pregnant again!! We were supposed to have a .02% chance of this happening, I’m sure you can imagine our surprise.

However after picking myself up off the floor from the initial shock, it was something I quickly welcomed, but MAN, how quickly a baby changes things.

I’ve been trying to be a good husband, taking care of my wife helping with her aches, pains and weird cravings, whenever I can (which she would say isn’t enough).

Needless to say it’s been really busy at home! ( If you’re reading this, I love you honey… and yes I’m talking about you again)

I recently returned from a vacation in New Orleans. It was sort of our last party before the baby came. I had an amazing time with my two girls Janel and Jazz (short for Jazlyn) and the new kid on the block my son Mason – and of course my childhood sweetheart of 17 years.

We all bounced around New Orleans like some crazy kids, having a blast, eating some great Cajun food, listening to the cool Jazz (only found in New Orleans) and munching on those famous powdered beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

  I Love New Orleans!


The best part of the trip was the time spent experiencing New Orleans together, taking in the Creole culture and calories as a family.

It was an exciting trip especially knowing they were shooting the new Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell movie just outside our condo, how cool is that! We we’re hopeful we’d get to see a glimpse of the two actors.

Unfortunately our vacation took a turn for the worse on the 4th day we were in New Orleans.

I remember pulling up to an eatery to get some breakfast and fuel up for the packed itinerary we had planned for the day ahead.

As I pulled up I noticed my wife on the phone, she had received a phone call from her doctor.

The week prior my wife had taken some tests for the pregnancy, the call was about those tests.

I looked over at my wife and seen a blank stare on her face, just before she bursted out in tears. My heart sank, I knew there was something wrong with our baby.

I asked her “what’s wrong honey” and she painfully explained that the baby tested positive for Down Syndrome, WHAT?#?@?

Vacation is over! We’re heading home! We tried to catch flights right then back home but it seemed impossible.

My wife wanted to go home and it just didn’t feel right being away during a time like this. So I pulled out of the restaurant and drove that car all the way home, nonstop trip to Orlando, a 9 and half hour drive.

I will be sharing part 2 of my stories in my next episode of “Where in The World Is Jay William”.

I’ve decided to be more transparent about my life, letting you see my successes, failures and journeys. I’m hoping to help you by living my life in public.

What Is The Moral Of The Story?



The Moral Of The Story Is The Story!

In blogs I’ve written like “I’m Jay The Bald Guy” I tell stories about my life experiences why? Because stories are more interesting, easier to get your message across therefore much more effective than traditional message marketing.

I also want people to connect with me as a “person” not as some stuffy business guy but as Jay the dad, husband, traveler, workaholic and God fearing man.

But it isn’t all about what I or you want, our subscribers, visitors and customers want to know about us (you) too.

They want to know who is  the “real” person they are doing business with, can I trust them? Do I like them? Do they care about their customers?

Stop Being Creepy!





Follow my lead and let travelers / clients see you.

The real you, unless of course, you really are weird and even that might not be so bad!

After opening up to your audience, your content will take on new meaning with them, and thats how you develop friends and fans.

Come out from behind the curtain of your vacation rental business and let travelers see who you are, stop being creepy!

I am setting the example for all of those owners I’ve spoken with that are almost fearful of putting their picture on their website or scared to share “too much” personal information… know who you are 😉 .

I will be sharing some of my personal moments with the world and I can only see it helping me.



Follow along with my new series “Where In The World Is Jay William?”

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