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 Do I Need A Vacation Rental Blog For My-VR Website?

Whether you’ve finally taken the jump and designed a vacation rental website  or you’re now starting to do something about your lack of website traffic…..congratulations!

Now what? Is your vacation rental website generating enough enquiries? If its not don’t worry I’ve got your back!

I am going to share the top things you can do to your vacation rental website to ensure you get the traffic and enquiries that you need. In this short video I discuss how developing a website is not enough. You also need to design a proper blog for your site as well.

I’ve done the research and I’ve shared the facts with you in this video. I’ve spelled out some of the benefits of developing a blog for your website but there are plenty more. These tips are just  enough to get you thinking why you should get off your tail and start blogging like yesterday.

I also shed light on how to increase your social media marketing impact with your blog. After the 2 minute video you’ll  understand the effect blogging has in your overall VR marketing plan.

Increased communication and interaction with your website visitors will mean increased bookings! Watch the vacation rental marketing video blog now.