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Holiday Home Advertising

I’m often contacted by holiday home owners needing some help advertising their holiday properties.

I see mistakes firsthand that often occur when an owner is handling their own advertising, many of which can put their holiday rental business in danger. Owner’s give online advertising the old college try but often find themselves with low occupancy. In many cases owners get distracted from their holiday rental affairs because of their real life issues and often lack the follow through. So in this blog I will hopefully drum up some motivation in holiday home owners to take action and prevent costly holiday rental investment mistakes. I will point out one common mistake I find that is very dangerous for the stability of an owners investment property.

In the business world, many successful small companies suddenly go out of business because they have been unable to react to a change in the market. One of the biggest causes of failure is the reliance on one specific marketing method to find customers.

I had a friend whose father had a successful shoe factory that was selling very high quantities of their goods. The problem was that essentially they were only selling to one large client who was then distributing to many shops. When that unique client was lured away from competitors this small business failed within six months.

I think that is a great example of how risky it is to rely on just one source of clients. And the same is true for your holiday home. Unfortunately, most holiday home owners tend to stick to one or at the most two sources of bookings.

You see, in business it doesn’t matter what you are trying to market, you will never find the ultimate marketing strategy. You can however attempt to develop the near perfect marketing plan. Nevertheless, there is always scope for improvement as perfection in this case does not exist.

It is the same for your holiday home advertising. You will never find the 100% perfect source of rental bookings from one holiday rental ad. But with a bit of dedication you can find a good working mix of strategies, listings and online holiday home advertising that can dramatically increase the return on your holiday home investment.

Ever noticed the message under every investment advice – “past results are not guarantee for future returns”? Well, always keep that in mind when you find a source of holiday bookings that is working very well for you. That source of bookings is not guaranteed to produce the same results in the future. So, be prepared by developing a mixture of different sources of bookings for your holiday home so that if one fails you can still rely on the others. In other words, follow the rule that says “don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. This cliche’ is usually used in the financing and investment world, but it is equally valid when it comes to your holiday home advertising.

There are many changes happening on holiday rental websites like VRBO that you can no longer rely on these types of advertising resources alone. You need to have a strategic plan that covers all your bases to ensure your rentals success.

This is why holiday home owners seek out the advertising services of Villa Marketers. Villa Marketers helps holiday home owners develop a diversified rental advertising strategy that will gaurantee holiday bookings for their rental property.  Advertising holiday homes online can be a daugnting task and our advertising services make it easy for owners just like you.

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