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vr league of extraordinary experts

Tyann Marcink: The Expert VR Photographer


tyann marcink vacation rental photographer

Please Welcome Tyann Marcink to the VR League of Extraordinary Experts!

I’m excited to announce that Tyann Marcink expert VR photographer has joined the vacation rental industry’s first and most elite circle of professionals “The Vacation Rental League of Extraordinary Experts.”

Please allow me to introduce her to you….     I asked Tyann, the question “if you were a super hero what would your super power be”. Here is what she said;

Superpower: Empowering vacation rental owners to wield a camera to capture their home in a flattering way and then use those photos to draw guests in.

Villain: Ordinary Imagery

Hideout: Marcink Designs, the blog where she shares photography and marketing tips

Adventures: Author of two ebooks on vacation rental photography, one for owners and one for VR photographers

Vacation rental owner with two large homes in Branson, Missouri

Her own line of hand painted children’s room décor, the Little Elephant Company, a three-time Martha Stewart Handmade Award Nominee

Civilian Life: Get her newsletter to follow her escapades as she juggles life with 3 businesses, 3 boys, and a streak for adventure (sign up here)

As a member of the VR League Tyann will be helping property owners and managers here at Villa Marketers. We have some exciting things planned, so get used to seeing Tyann Marcink and her super powers at work for subscribers.

We’ve chosen Tyann to become a part of the VR League of Extraordinary Experts because of her dedication to helping her fellow vacation rental owner and her commitment to the vacation rental industry.

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 Please Welcome Tyann Marcink (below) the Expert VR Photographer to the League



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