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Villa Website Design Secrets

This blog is part of our villa website and vacation rental website design secrets series. This is villa website design secret #3

 Villa Website Design Tip # 3: Consider Your Villa Website Colors When Designing Your Site.

Have you considered why McDonalds uses the colors red & yellow in their logo? Is it because they only use ketchup and mustard on their burgers? Or do the colors have a much deeper psychological purpose? Ever thought why fire trucks are red or why taxi’s are yellow.

Did you know that the first two colors the eye processes and sends to the brain is red & yellow. That would make an excellent reason for McDonalds to make all their signage in red & yellow wouldn’t it.

Colors are of the utmost importance when designing a villa website. Did you know colors have a physical affect on our bodies?

Did you know colors also affect our emotions and the way we think? Are you using your villa website and colors correctly in your vacation rental advertising?

Consider the geographic location and culture of your villa’s target audience when determining your vacation rental advertising colors. The same colors in different locations can have different emotions attached to them. Example: The color white symbols purity in the U.S. but is a symbol of death in China. Two totally different signals, so if you’re trying to reach Chinese travelers you may want to use another color other than white.

Many villa owners create a website with colors that they like, but can this be a recipe for a villa website disaster? Yes, if you’re not considering your color selection when creating your villa website design you’re probably sending the wrong messages.

In my popular Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets Book I give some examples of feelings associated with colors. Each color of the rainbow has a different affect on the emotions of people. Now, consider that a study indicated the human eye is capable of seeing 10-million colors; that makes a lot of room for error.

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