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BreakAway Is More Than A Listing Site!

The last several months have been an insane hustle!

Developing our vacation rental listing site BreakAwayVR was a HUGE project- challenging and, at times, frustrating.

I wanted to push it out sooner, but I couldn’t until it was ready.

The team and I have broken many nights while working on BreakAwayVR, so you can imagine how ecstatic I am to finally announce…Today we are officially launching BreakAwayVR! It’s a big day and a great feeling to be where we are!

Today’s launch also unveils a few of the products I’ve kept secret while working on them in the background.

I’m now rolling those tools out and including them in the membership fee for those who join early.

I recommend reading the official announcement for answers to questions you may have about BreakAway Vacation Rentals and the tools we’re including.

You can read the official launch announcement with all the details here-

Earlier this year we said enough is enough!

Websites like VRBO and HomeAway have made it extremely strenuous on the businesses of owners and property managers.

We know it’s only going to get worse, and that’s why we birthed BreakAwayVR.

You see, you can’t just create a vacation rental listing site; there’s a whole lot more to it.

We had to create support for owners and travelers, operational systems, emails, a logo, brand, content, processes and most importantly marketing.

We had to actually create a business, but we aren’t doing what everyone else is doing.

We want you to do well both on and off of BreakAway VR, and are giving you the tools to do exactly that. These resources will benefit every owner and manager who joins BreakAwayVR by helping them build their business and brand.

We’re including our newest version of our booking software called GuestBooked. You will have an online booking platform to process bookings away from the other listing sites. Make bookings and get paid on your terms. Read how in the official announcement.

Another added benefit of your BAVR membership is that you will get access to our new vacation rental course Rentalier. This course will take you through each step of the vacation rental business and marketing process.

We do not charge booking or service fees, and of course, no commissions!

You can join for much less than some of those unfriendly listing sites and we include a “results guaranteed” promise for your peace of mind.

I’ve spent tens of thousands in technology and man hours to develop the BreakAwayVR platform for the community.This means a whole lot to all of us. We hope it does to you. Unite with us!

We hope you’ll join us, support the BreakAway movement and enjoy its benefits as a member.
Read More About The Launch and New Products That Are Now Included