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Today we’re dropping part 2 of the Vacation Rental Expert Panel Makeover Series. The Vacation Rental Expert Panel was established in 2013. The V.R. Expert Panel is the first and only elite club of V.R. experts in the industry… anything else is just an imitation.



The “VR League” provides free vacation rental marketing help by a vetted group of experts. It has truly blossomed into a valuable resource for owners and property management companies, what do you think so far?

We believe that these productions will directly benefit your vacation rental business and profits. Especially considering we’ll be helping to solve all sorts of problems and issues other vacation rental owners and property managers like you are facing.

So, be sure you stay posted about what we’re up to by subscribing to our free and amazing rental marketing newsletter. We’ll be announcing a huge giveaway for one lucky subscriber/commenter very soon! It will be huge! How huge??? you’ll just have to see.

If you’d like to participate all you have to do is add your vacation rental property here and answer the one question “what is your biggest challenge?” 

If you missed our announcement of our most recent winner, you can get the scoop about our newest vacation rental expert panel winner here.

We’re calling this vacation rental expert panel segment “The Great Cape Escape”. This is  by far the most jam-packed production that we have produced collectively as the “Panel”. In this segment we’ve put a twist on things.

In our last episode we helped Theresa Robertson the owner of a cabin in North Carolina. In this episode we’ll be helping a vacation rental owner with multiple properties in Cape San Blas Florida. There is something for everyone!

It’s so jam-packed with vacation rental marketing material we had to break it into segments. When Myself, Tyann and Mercedes came together on this expert panel review, it was clear that everyone brought their A-game.

There was so much awesome material provided that even after editing down the marketing material we still ended up with about 80 minutes of insanely insightful information.

This wealth of vacation rental industry knowledge is brought to you in a fun and conversational kind of way. You’ll be able to tell from certain areas in the videos, we had a lot of fun working on this production. 

I feel that if we were to put all the material together in one video like we did for the last vacation rental expert panel makeover it would be sort-of-like trying to drink from a firehose. In order for everyone to get the most out of this we’ve decided to break it up into parts for easier consumption and information absorption.

In this video we are introducing our winner Wendy Jackson, revealing the problems she’s shared with the ones we found that are hindering their growth in the vacation rental market.

In this episode Tyann the expert vacation rental photographer jumps in and begins to show us the best vacation rental photography tips.

On Monday we’ll be releasing the second segment where Mercedes Brennan the expert vacation rental interior designer revamps Wendy’s property portfolio and talks about our Grandmothers…  

On Wednesday it’ll be my turn. I… Jay William will break down some seriously lucrative website design tips, SEO secrets and show you how to properly present properties for extremely effective vacation rental marketing.

In addition to all of this we’ve prepared some helpful bonus material which I’ll be sharing throughout the week. Come on back and see the updates going on during the week. 

Watch the video and please leave your comments. We hope you enjoy it!




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