Vacation Rental Advertsing Tips, Building Trust For Your Rental Home Get Verified!

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Vacation Rental Advertising

In whatever field of business  you are in, it is important that your potential customers trust you and your establishment. If you own a restaurant and there has been rumors of customers getting sick with food poisoning it will make sense to believe that you are losing business because of those rumors. If you own a hotel in a bad area of town it is likely that you will not receive the type of clientele you would hope for for your establishment, therefore losing money for your business. This is the same thing that can happen with your vacation rental home or condo rental.

Whenever there is an opportunity to earn income there will be people who will try to unlawfully take this money from unsuspecting victims. We do realize this is just a small group of people who actually do this. However as you know one bad apple can spoil the whole batch. There have been rumors all over the Internet and by word of mouth of people being scammed out of their hard earned money when attempting to rent a vacation home, villa or condo. This can be affecting you business, many clients I have spoken with over the many years have explained the customers are asking questions and that can be understood with these types of scams taking place in the industry. There asking questions to try to see if your are legitimate or not. However this is not an easy situation to face with a potential renter as they start of not trusting you and you can spend much time with the renter and through your persistence that you are indeed a legitimate vacation home rental, it may not send the right message to them and you may lose them as a rental because of their fear.

So how can you overcome this at the very beginning of the communication with this renter. Because this potential renter wants to rent your holiday villa for their trip or vacation they just want their worries put to rest. First I would say it is a very good idea and it is highly recommended that you have a really nice professional website that speaks quality and it doesn’t look like you just threw something up there to open your doors. This concept should be consistent all throughout your products , such as virtual tours, video tours, brochures, flyers etc. This will show your renters that you are very serious about your business and they should treat you as a professional.

The biggest tip to earn trust for you vacation villas, homes, condos and town-homes is to get yourself Verified. This is a major tool that will easily turn a hesitant vacation home renter to a customer for your rental business. So what does this verification do for you. The verification process is provided by Villa Marketers. When you become verified with Villa Marketers you receive a Verified emblem or logo on your vacation rental website, it can also be used on listings for your villas listings. However we take the security measure even further because if it is just a logo then anyone can take this logo and use wherever they want, even a potential scammer could use a logo. However what makes our verification effective is that we also issue an ID # that is associated with your vacation home or villas. When a someone is interested in renting your vacation home they can click on you Verified logo. The potential renter of your home will be lead to a dedicated page about your particular home. This is a separate page with information explaining to the potential renter of your home that you your villa or condo is verified. We also provide a contact number that the  renter of you vacation home can contact a third party (Villa Marketers) give the ID # of your villa and Villa Marketers will put your client at ease through explaining the details of your property and explaining to them that your home is a legitimate property. This has a powerful affect when renting your vacation rental buy owner.

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