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Get More Bookings Using Brochures & Flyers

Brochures are a selling tool. They’re a sales presentation at a glance for your customers. We create brochures for vacation rentals at Villa Marketers.

But these types of flyers are more of an e-brochure, which is able to do several things for your vacation rental marketing that a regular piece of paper or static graphic can’t.

  1. Brochures Keep Your Property in Front of Potential Guests

Electronic flyers are designed to be used for both your offline and online marketing.

Including an e-flyer in the responses to all of your rental inquiries is a brilliant way to use a brochure. Let your potential guest know that you have attached an e-flyer to the email for their convenience. Tell them to print it and encourage them to use the e-brochure to assist them with their planning.

When travelers are renting a vacation home, there are often several buyers. For instance, the customer who is inquiring could be traveling with other family and friends who may participate financially or just have a say in the planning. Suggest that they print the brochure or download it to their mobile device for quick reference and simple planning.

  1. Brochures are Interactive

The e-flyer will have “live” links where your potential guests can click through to your website, helping you bring people to your website. They’ll be able to see pictures, read your blog posts, and learn more about why they should vacation at your property. More traffic on your website means more potential bookings!

  1. Brochures Help You Advertise

You can print your brochures and post them in your local community center, office, cafeteria, barber shop and local laundry mat. This doesn’t have to require additional effort; carry a few brochures in your car and whenever you see an opportunity to post it on a bulletin or message board, do it. There are many places you can use your e-flyers. Get creative in your approach.

Here’s another marketing idea: set yourself up with a partner who can help you. It’s really easy. Most establishments would be excited to work with you.

A spa is a great place to have your brochure displayed because, generally speaking, people who are going to spas are there to relax and, therefore, those tired souls just may be interested in a relaxing vacation and taking some time off.

If you want anyone to display your flyers, appreciate that they need to be pleasing to the eye.

4. Brochures Enable You to Market Your Brand/Property While Your Guests are Still on Vacation

Many think the sale is over when a booking is made. It isn’t, it’s just getting started. You’ve got to keep the guest satisfied and continue to market and represent your brand throughout not just their vacation BUT forever!

Keep a few brochures in your vacation rental. This way, your guests have a direct way of communicating with you and continue to become familiar with your brand.

Placing these flyers in your rental property will also help you avoid paying additional booking commissions on repeat guests.

Do not underestimate the power of an e-flyer!

  1. Brochures Help to Instill a Sense of Confidence

When a potential renter of yours sees that you have a professional website, you’ll wow them. When they see you also have a brochure, they’ll respect you more.

Most businesses and organizations have a brochure. Your brochure will give you an extra bump in credibility and business professionalism in the eye of the consumer.

It’s often the small things that build on another that create a huge difference, making it possible for you to stand out from all the others.

  1. Brochures Allow You to Market to People in the Format They Want It In

Break up your content into multiple formats and give it to people the way they prefer it.

Part of the vacation rental marketing strategy that I teach here at Villa Marketers is centered on creating content, like this post I’ve created for you. A rule of thumb in our marketing strategies is, create different types of content for different types of people and for different environments.

Some folks will prefer to print it out, if you tell them that option is available. Others may want to download the brochure on their device, which is sort of today’s “digital wallet” and may have longer lasting exposure benefits.

Clients will consume your content differently. They’ll visit your website, read a blog, download a brochure, read a guide, see a tweet or be given a business card. The point is, create different forms of content and marketing material for different places, purposes and people.

  1. Brochures are Designed with One Job in Mind…. To Sell!

A website is designed much differently than a brochure. A website engages you and tries to lure you deeper into the website to see everything in the site, providing the visitor with more information each step of the way.

A brochure is designed differently. By design, a brochure is made to sell. It gets directly to the point. The mission of the brochure is to, in an instant, highlight and showcase the biggest features, explain the most impactful benefits with the sole purpose of getting them to call or contact you.

  1. Brochures Impress with a Professional Design

You’ve gotten them to check out your flyer/brochure, and now you can wow them! A talented designer can make your brochure a masterpiece of both art and sales.

You don’t have to follow a particular layout. You and your designer can create a unique piece of marketing material that will impress interested travelers and make them want to book.

  1. Brochures Provide Additional Engagement

If you’d like that extra level of engagement of that traveler downloading your brochure onto their device or for them to print your brochure, then you have to get a brochure designed for your vacation rental or property management business.

You can use a well-designed brochure to fuel social engagement by posting your brochure to Pinterest, Facebook, G+, Twitter and other networks.

Similar to brochures are insider guides. These are guides you can include on your website of the area for site visitors and potential guests.

Check out two awesome insider guides I created for two clients below.  Click on the images to view inside.

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Do you have ideas on how to use an e-flyer in your marketing? Please share it with us by commenting below.

P.S- if you need help creating an amazing brochure or insider guide contact us here.