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Do You Have Reviews On Your Vacation Rental Website & Marketing?

Vacation Rental Marketing Tips About Reviews

How Reviews Affect Your Vacation Rentals Bookings!

When you’re marketing vacation rentals online you need to be convincing. According to a recent study about traveler reviews reveals you could be losing out on 49% of travelers who will not even consider booking your vacation rental.

The study focuses on lodging and travel reviews. The report breaks down some very interesting factors to consider when marketing vacation rentals online. When you’re making a purchase you want to feel the person you are giving your business to is worthy of your trust and that you are getting value for your money. Travelers don’t trust you! They don’t, at least at first.  Both sides start off a little uncertain no one knows what to expect, after-all neither sides have interacted before.

You can try to tell your rental prospects how great your property is till you’re blue in the face, they just won’t be convinced. They believe you’re going to give a bias review of your vacation rental, they will however trust your travelers.

Let Your Travelers Do The Selling For You! They’re Better At It Anyway.

Having reviews on your vacation rentals website, free vacation rental sites, social networks and paid vacation rental listings are important.  The reason you should have vacation rentals reviews on all of your rental marketing sites is because renters can be persuaded to purchase from anywhere like Facebook, your website, listings and online ads. You don’t have to load all your reviews on every website page. Have one or two or even  just a “snip it” of one, which can lead them to your vacation rental website to read more reviews.

Place your best raving reviews upfront where everyone can see them. You’ve worked hard to create a great vacation rental business, you ought to show those puppies off like a proud parent of an honor roll student.

Think having reviews in your vacation rental marketing plan is optional? If so, you’re already noticing a decline in your holiday bookings and more reluctance from your rental prospects.

Reviews can make the task of marketing your vacation rental online easier. Don’t you like easy? Do you use vacation rental reviews on your website and vacation rental ads? You should be!


Here Are The Interesting Travel Statistics To Get You Thinking:


  • 81% of travelers find lodging reviews important. (That’s just about everyone!)
  • 46% travelers post hotel reviews (Travel websites are making It easier than ever to post reviews)
  • 49% Of travelers Will Not Book a property without reviews (That’s about half of all travelers)


We’re here to help you anyway we possibly can with marketing your vacation rentals online. Our goal is to provide vacation rental owners with important marketing material and services to help improve their travel marketing efforts.

If you need help implementing a reviews page within your own vacation rentals website, we can help! If you have questions or comments please feel free to ask us.

We’ve recently developed a new slew of professional vacation rental software tools designed  to help you collect reviews and manage your marketing better.




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