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Vacation Rental Websites Does Size Matter?

Vacation Rental Websites

Does the size of your vacation rental website matter?

The answer is absolutely yes! The size of your vacation rental website does matter.  But should you keep your vacation rental website down to a few manageable website pages or should you create as many pages as you possible can?

In the case of websites bigger is better! Think of every page of your vacation rentals website as being a single hook that you can use to fish for renters.  If you have 5 website pages  you essentially have five hooks . If your website has 200 pages than you’re fishing with 200 hundred hooks.  More hooks equals a bigger catch, so create more hooks by creating more web pages!

Each individual website page can be “baited” with a variety of  lures or “keywords” to attract different customers searching for travel accommodations online . Keywords are the lifeline of  any vacation rental advertising strategy.  The more pages your vacation rental website has the more keywords you can harness to reel in travelers searching for accommodations online.

Each one of your website pages will have different information, or at least each web page should if you want the best marketing results possible from your vacation rentals website.

With every page of your website you’ll discuss a different topic such as pricing, special offers, reviews, resort info, city info, attraction info and more. Utilizing a variety of website pages will help you reach travelers looking for information about your resort, reviews, specials, information about your city and nearby attractions or things to do.

You should create as many pages as you possibly can and you’ll cast a wider net .  Now you’re probably thinking to your self; that sounds like alot of time and money to create all these pages for my rentals website. However that isn’t’ necessarily true, there is a way you can easily create pages for your website with little to no cost per page.  There is also a way you can create a new website page in just seconds.

Add a blog to your website! By adding a vacation rental blog to your website  you can easily post a blog in just seconds, which if done right, will incorporate  targeted keywords in the page naturally.(more about keywords under Vacation Rental SEO)

vacation rental blog is not a luxury it’s a necessity if you expect to compete in the online world today.  Make your website bigger and better by adding a vacation rental blog within your website.

We offer affordable custom blogging software for existing and new vacation rental website developments.

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