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How To Drive 300 Inquiries To Vacation Rental Websites Organically

In the video below, I show how one owner has generated nearly 300 inquiries organically directly from their vacation rental website.

Many of us are frustrated with the current events happening in the vacation rental industry.

Some of you are wondering – can I do something about my situation? Can I break-away from HomeAway and become more independent?

Today I want to show proof that it is absolutely possible for every vacation rental who is willing to put in the time, work and money to achieve bookings on their own.

What Is Vacation Rental Independence?


The first question I’d like to answer is “what is independence?” I have to address this because I don’t think we all fully understand what that term means.

I want everyone to know that I don’t hate vacation rental listing sites. In fact, I think they can serve as a useful resource to generate bookings.

What I don’t like is all the BS going on with these listing sites and how they are forcing owners and managers to do things they don‘t want to do.

Things that do not positively help their vacation rental businesses. This is what I don’t like.

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to stop using listing sites.


I think I drove that idea home when I began discussing niche vacation rental listing sites and how we can take full advantage of them.

If you want to enjoy independence, it means that you need to stop relying on vacation rental websites.

We need to change our paradigm and stop looking at listing sites as the solution to all of our rental problems.

The real solution is in  developing a sustainable vacation rental business model that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to do.

With that said, it wouldn’t be smart to stop using any source that provides you with money and value.

What you want to do is not just dump all your listings instead you want to develop the ability to say NO!

The Difference Between Being Dependent & Independent


If a vacation rental listing site changes its rules and policies, an independent owner can say… go kick rocks and kill their subscription without remorse or regret. That’s a very empowering feeling.

A dependent owner has to take whatever the listing sites dish out because you are totally dependent on that source of bookings.

This is where the frustration sets in. You can’t say NO.

Because you don’t have options you feel angry about that. Does any of this sound familiar? Has anyone felt like this… honestly?

In contrast, an independent owner can simply shut down one advertising outlet and substitute it for another and in that lies our sense of freedom and control. It’s an amazing feeling.

Are You Dependent or Independent?

Being independent isn’t just about cutting off all listing sites.

I think if advertising your vacation rental on a listing site is affordable, effective and makes sense for your business model, then you should not discontinue it. This is still business!

However when it no longer makes sense for your business, it’s time to drop it like a bad habit but the issue is many owners do not posses that power.

Even now with HomeAway’s new fees, some owners can’t turn off their listings without it harming them financially. That’s how you know you’re dependent.

We Are To Blame! We Are The Problem!

I can’t blame these listing sites for taking advantage of our willingness to give them the keys to our business.

I can’t blame them for owners not heeding sound advice after years of being warned.

We can’t blame them for us not treating our rentals like a real hospitality business and leaving our investments vulnerable.

It is us who have procrastinated and fell asleep at the wheel of our businesses.

We left the door open for them and they simply walked in.

Stop blaming listing sites when we are responsible for our business’s stability or instability.

When we stop blaming other people or companies for our mistakes and failures we can move forward toward real growth, until then we are stuck in a blame game.


Proof Independence Is Possible


Today’s post is really about proof!

It’s about the tangible evidence owners are needing to see so that they can get out of the slump they may be in and change their negative pessimistic thoughts of why they think they can’t become independent.

vacation rental cabin owners

Today I’d like to introduce you to Kendall and Leina.

Kendall is the owner of Closer to Heaven Cabins.

He owns 2 gorgeous cabins in the mountains of Tennessee.

If you’re looking for Cabins in Pigeon Forge Tennessee then check out Kendall and Leina’s Closer to Heaven Cabins – they’ll treat you right, I’m sure.

Kendall is going to be sharing some information with us this week about what he has learned in the vacation rental business so be on the look out for that.

Success Is An Attitude


So what is Kendall doing that other owners are not?

A lot!

The first thing that is much different about Kendall is that he has his mind made up on being successful and has the attitude that will take him to the top.

Becoming a successful vacation rental business owner starts right between your two ears. It is your thoughts that will determine if you will ultimately be a successful owner.

Today get rid of stinking thinking! Become a winner in your mind first – then it will become a reality in your business.

See yourself becoming successful and do not let anything get in your way.

Diversify Your Vacation Rental Marketing


Kendall is not relying on just vacation rental listing sites. Kendall is using the power of a vacation rental marketing campaign.

Success isn’t going to be found in a listing site. It won’t be one single thing that is going to make any owner successful. Success is found in a diversified marketing portfolio.

The solution to our adversity is diversity! How many sources other than listing sites are you utilizing? Have you started a vacation rental marketing campaign yet?

It takes a diversified vacation rental marketing approach to achieve the results we need to be successful in the vacation rental industry.

You see… it is known that 20% of people gain all of the rewards in any business while the other 80% of people struggle. What percentage are you in?

Why is this? It’s because the 20% are willing to do what it takes while the others only complain and talk about what they want to do.

Ideas are cheap, it’s all about execution!

Kendall is definitely part of the 20% of elite vacation rental owners who actually have the moxie to make his success a reality.

As you will learn, Kendall is using dozens of components that make up a vacation rental marketing campaign.

If you’re interested in learning how to develop a power house vacation rental marketing campaign, you’ve got to educate yourself and put into practice the necessary online marketing techniques today not tomorrow!

Do You Need A Vacation Rental Marketing Guide?

I’ve created a free resource for vacation rental owners and managers to help you create your own vacation rental marketing campaigns.

It’s the free vacation rental marketing checklist that you can download in our store.

This will act as a guide to help you know what you should be doing to develop your independence not from just listing sites but from anything that can harm your businesses growth.

You’ve got to use all the resources you have available to you if you want to develop your independence including: social media, SEO, online advertisements, a vacation rental website and anything that will help to get your vacation rental found online.

The good news is that there are plenty of free and cheap advertising options that you can leverage for your VR business immediately.

I’ve posted a video that helps us understand what Kendall is doing right for his vacation rental business.

This is just the beginning. I will also be posting updates on his progress with more tips and techniques we all can learn from.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Kendall has generated close to 300 inquiries (and growing) from his vacation rental website and he is proof we can become independent owners and managers.

So, are you ready to start your walk toward independence?

Keep an eye out for Kendall’s tips. He will be sharing useful information about what is working for him here in our vacation rental community.

In our next follow up post we will be sharing 4 lessons Kendall has learned and lives by.

Is it possible to become independent? What is keeping you back?

Tell us!

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