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vacation rental website design secrets (2)

Vacation Rental Website Design


This is part two of our blog series “Vacation Rental Website Design Secrets”#2. If you follow the logic in these vacation rental website design secrets you’ll end up with a high performing website.

Lets get right into vacation rental website design secret #2. The second web design secret is, its not about designing!


This one may throw you for a loop….vacation rental website design is not about the design?, allow me to explain.  There is no question it’s important to create an appealing vacation rental website design.  However designing a website for your vacation rental doesn’t mean you should waste your time adding all those design elements or extra fluff. Those extra design elements aren’t needed, in most cases they are counter productive and they’ll cost you in lost inquiries and bookings.

A great vacation rental website is designed to perform, not designed to distract website visitors. You want your website visitor to contact you and be lead to the point of contact on the website or better yet, get them to make a booking. If your vacation rental’s website is filled with decorations you are likely distracting your website visitors bringing attention to your websites design elements. Your vacation rental’s website visitors will quickly become overwhelmed with the website and become mentally fatigue during, their visit to your website. If they can’t easily find what they came to your website for, they will just click away.


Busy backgrounds may look cool to you, but will likely work against the objective your wanting to accomplish with your site. Your vacation rental website should have a nice appeal to it, so it will represent your vacation rental in a professional light. This doesn’t mean, overdose on the design elements of your website, in this case less is more. Below I have included an image of a vacation rental website belonging to a property manager. The website is suffering from several things one of which is vacation rental website design, overkill.


vacation rental website design services



The vacation rental website design is working against the purpose of the whole site. Its clear that the visitors to this website above are being distracted. Their eyes are going straight to the background of the site, instead of the areas the guest can engage with you.

When designing a vacation rental website consider that decoration is not design. If you want to use decoration you should use it very modestly. Any design elements should compliment the website’s goal or purpose. If we changed the color of this websites background to simple color it will focus the attention of the site’s visitors to the website content rather than the design or website decorations.

Decorations are often distractions!

Vacation Rental Website Design Secret #2… Stay Tuned For More
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