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vacation rental website design secrets


Vacation Rental Website Design Secrets #1


Welcome to the very first vacation rental website design secret. Every vacation rental website will have several pages, how you use those will determine the success you have in making online bookings.



Each page on your vacation rental’s website is not a page it’s an advertisement!


Every page on your vacation rental website should be designed to do something. Each website page should have a purpose. Below I have included a few examples of common purposes of website pages.


  1. Lead capture:
  2. Get visitors to take an action
  3. Educate/Communicate/Inform visitors
  4. Assist the visitor in finding information of interest.



If any of your vacation rental’s website visitors leave any of your pages without taking action, the webpage failed.


Change the way you look at website pages call them ads instead. That will put the purpose of vacation rental website pages in perspective.


Once your website pages are optimized to perform a specific task, your vacation rental website visitors will complete the goal you’ve set for that particular page. Countless vacation rental website pages aren’t designed well and as a result, they fail.


When a vacation rental website fails no one wins the visitor leaves your site disappointed and unsatisfied and you’ve lost an opportunity, who wants that? When designing a webpage for your vacation rental consider designing the page around the purpose.


Vacation rental website design secret, takeaway: Sit back and visualize the page before you design it and ask yourself, what is this website page advertising?


Now, design the vacation rental website page to accomplish just that!


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