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Vacation Rental Website Re-Design

Your vacation rental website design is a very important factor which directly impacts the amount of return you’ll make from your vacation rental advertising.  Did you know that the colors of your vacation rentals website can send a message to your renters and even discourage them from contacting you? It’s definitley true why do you think we have fancy labels and vibrant colors on the products we buy? The manufactures are trying to deliver a message to you through colors. Colors can speak to your subconscious by transferring feelings.  Example:  what color says “speed”? no other color than red. Obvious now right? But this isn’t always so simple.

This is fully explained in my new book “Vacation Rental Marketing, Secrets No One Will Tell You”.  It is important your sending the right messages to your website visitors.  What message does your vacation rentals website tell travelers about you the owner and your vacation home?

Example: Studies have proven that shades of orange  can send a message of CHEAP to your clients subconscious . That is definitely not a message you want to send to your renters if you’re expecting to make higher profits.

Ask yourself these questions and be painfully honest with yourself.

Does your vacation rentals website say “We do everything to the best of our ability”?

Does your vacation rental website say ” I take my business serious” ?

Does your vacation rentals website tell your travelers “I care about your travel experience”?

If you improved your online presentation, would it improve your rental business?

If you don’t have a website or you’ve designed a vacation rental website but it just isn’t a top notch design, then I can tell with 100% certainty your vacation rental rates and profits are reflecting it. If you want to earn more rental clients and charge more for your vacation rental, then you’ll need to do more! Any smart business man will tell you to invest in yourself and always try to improve your  business for you and your customer.

Do more than what you’re currently doing, re-design or touch up your website and tighten up that logo of yours. Sharpen up your tools take photographs of your home, spend the little extra and have a professional do it will help your websites appeal. While your at it create a video of your rental to showoff your property with its very own mini movie featuring “your home”.

Sign up for social networks like Facebook and Twitter include these social widgets on your website.  Including some of these elements into a professionally designed website for your vacation rental business will greatly increase the amount of money you’ll make from your vacation rental advertising efforts.  If you look like you’re an established business with “followers”, reviews and information on your website that puts the travelers interest first you will get a much more favorable response from your audience.  A new vacation rental website designed using proven conversion secrets will boost your bookings and improve your image.

Have a look below of an example of how a newly designed website for your villa can drastically effect the consumers perception of you and your rental business.

This image below is from a vacation rental website that another company provided. This is a vacation rental template that is used by many vacation rental owners the owner told us exactly what he wanted and we designed it for him. We created this custom designed website based on the clients input helping to develop what hes been imagining for his rental business.


vacation rental website design

Vacation Rental Website Design Web Site Re-Design


Vacation Rental Website Design Vacation Rental Web Design

Vacation Rental Website Design

Which website is going to convert more travelers into renters and make more $ ?

Does your vacation rental need a new website or improvements?

Contact us today, we can help!

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