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  • Videos Increase Booking Chances by 85%
  • Youtube Marketing Drastically Improves Visibility
  • 1 Video is Equal to 1.8 Million Words
Get more bookings with Villa Marketers’ real estate video services – for vacation rentals, holiday homes, villas, and condos

Internet video is now the hottest thing with sites like YouTube and Google Video receiving an increasing amount of traffic: over 100 million hits a day, and it’s climbing fast.

Did you know that Google owns YouTube?

It’s true, when you post the video of your vacation home, hotel, or resort on YouTube, you will actually receive some extra favoritism with Google and your website’s search engine ranking. So it’s an ingenious idea to use digital video property tours to market real estate. Why not capitalize on this growing trend by ordering a villa video for your home and adding a video tour of your rental property on YouTube and to your own vacation rental’s website (need a website)?


A video of your vacation rental home will act as a rental advert for your holiday home, condo, letting, or resort, as other video websites will pick up your video in something called “video syndication.” It’s a good thing!

Video tours are certified hits when it comes to getting clients on board. Video property tours should be carefully designed in a way that would allow potential travelers to have a sumptuous taste of the villa or vacation home that you are offering. With just one click, potential rental clients can begin to picture themselves walking into the magnificent foyer, lounging in the sleek living area, and taking an invigorating dip in the villa’s private pool.

With Villa Marketers’ video and villa marketing team, you will regularly have travelers wanting to pack their bags, get on a plane, and rent your vacation home!

Give your villa’s real estate marketing a jolt!

Our professional photographers and video specialists will come right to your property’s doorstep to take the clearest images and vibrant videos possible, highlighting the most wonderful features of your vacation home, rental resort, hotel, or real estate property. The video tours that Villa Marketers will create for your vacation rental will give your potential rental clients a jolt of energy with all the right feelings attached. You will transfer these feelings of excitement about your villa to your rental clients when they get their eyes on the excellent video presentation of the property for rent or sale.

That’s right, you can also use video to help promote your real estate for sale. If you’re a real estate agent, contact us. The streaming video tour will provide your renters and buyers the feeling that they are actually in the rental property looking at each room’s magnificent features with their own eyes, and not just seeing a picture of your home through a camera lens.


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