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What website do vacation homeowners often overlook when it comes to marketing their property?


Vacation rental owners really need to look at YouTube like they would a vacation rental listing website… because once they do, the bookings will go up.

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I have already explained a few reasons why you should be advertising vacation rentals on YouTube. But if you still need a little more convincing, then here’s some more motivation for you to advertise your vacation rental on YouTube today:

70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US

YouTube is localized across 39 countries and in 54 languages

These two statistics above show that YouTube can really help you to reach international travelers.

Many of the vacation rental listing sites have certain regions that they target – and this means that our vacation rental advertising does not reach the global market we want.

Unless, of course, we pay for additional extensions that target different countries. With YouTube, however, the marketing is free!

We need to consider that YouTube is the second most powerful search engine, second only to Google.

 We also need to take into account that Google owns YouTube, and it is only logical that Google will show favoritism to its own networks.

Google loves YouTube!

Now, how you list your vacation rentals on YouTube will also make all the difference as to whether it works for you. I have learned several secrets that will get your video to bring in more bookings.

Here are a few of my tips for marketing your property on YouTube:

1.) Before you upload your video to YouTube, be sure you make the actual file name your keyword(s). For example, if your keyword is “best Hawaii vacation rentals,” then you would make the file’s name the same series of keywords.

2.) Make sure the URL of your website (or VRBO listing) is the first thing you type into the video description field. It should come before any description of the actual video. So remember – link… then text!

3.) Infuse your video description with your targeted keywords. Mention your main keyword at least twice.

Want More YouTube Marketing Tips?

If you found these tips helpful, then stay tuned! I will be sharing some more YouTube marketing tips here on my blog, so make sure you sign up as a subscriber, because the tips I’ll share will have a dramatic effect on your video marketing.