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Vacation Rental Sales & Marketing


Most think vacation rental sales and marketing are one in the same, do you? Without cheating and taking a peek below, answer this question, what are differences between sales & marketing?

Without a truly defined knowledge of marketing and sales, our vacation rental advertising plan would be blurry, out of focus and misguided. I hope this information helps you make a lot more money in your business, it has helped me do exactly that. When you know how to use both marketing and sales together as one superpower, there just ain’t no stopping you!

Marketing vacation rentals is important if you want to increase the exposure and the income potential for your vacation home investment. But if you don’t understand that it takes both vacation rental marketing AND sales, its likely your vacation rental advertising efforts as a whole are unevenly yoked.

Vacation Rental Sales & Marketing; What The Heck Is The Difference?

Everyone in the vacation rental industry is talking about marketing, marketing, marketing, but no one seems to be talking about sales….hmm, I wonder why? It’s likely that most vacation rental marketers and so-called advertising professionals are so caught up in marketing they have very little experience in the art of good old fashion selling.

I have been in the professional world of sales for over 17 years helping to move our economy, meeting the needs of people and creating long-lasting relationships, and I’ve had a blast doing it. However it wasn’t all fun it was tough hard and straight up grueling at times, to make it where I have today. I had to master my sales techniques to get what I want and improve my life.

I would hope to improve your life as well by providing such valuable information that has taken me years to learn. But learning isn’t enough! You’ve got to take these blogs, articles, and tips and do something with them! Now that I am done with my motivational rant, let’s look what sales & marketing it is and isn’t.

What’s More Important Marketing Or Sales? Let’s Compare them.

Without marketing, you wouldn’t have inquiries and leads, so marketing is extremely important but one cannot live by bread alone!

Without sales, you may get leads from your vacation rental marketing efforts but you’ll have a very poor rate of conversion to actual bookings.

You need them both. Sales and marketing are like the food and water for your vacation rental business. If you want to survive you’ll need to include sales strategies into your vacation rental marketing plan.

Are you properly utilizing selling and marketing strategies?

What The Heck Is The Difference? Sales Vs Marketing

Marketing is from afar

When you’re marketing your vacation property the idea is to attract as many “strangers” as possible to engage with you. Marketing is an important part of the buying process, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

Studies show that it takes approx. 8 points of contact from the initial introduction of your brand from the point of closing the sale. This statistic gives you an idea of how much correspondence you will have with your vacation rental prospects. The first initial contact would be considered marketing but the others are going to more focused on selling.

Sales is up-close and personal

Once a potential customer has made contact with you they are no longer a stranger to your product or services, your marketing has worked. Now it’s your job to move towards closing the sale. A sale being made is just the natural process of you working with your guests personal needs.

Marketing is to many

Your vacation rental marketing is broadcasted to the masses. When marketing you’re trying to appeal to a wide audience of people; all with different needs. For this reason, your message is more generalized. On the other hand, sales is about accurately pinpointing a specific message to one individual.

Sales Is one on one

In the sales process, you are “selling” the client (in this case a traveler) on why your product (accommodations) is the right choice for their own needs. You have to make your vacation rental make sense for the specific needs of the person you’re communicating with.

Marketing Is About Data vs. Sales Is About Relationships

When marketing you may be concerned with clicks, impressions, traffic and statistics but sales isn’t concerned with these impersonal numbers. Sales is about building a relationship between you and your renter. When selling you are also creating the relationship of your vacation rental and the vacationer by presenting the features and benefits.

Marketing Is About The Future

Marketing is creating and developing strategies and products to meet the needs of the customer and the business needs for the future.

Sales Is In The Now

Sales is providing a service or product that will meet the needs of the client in the immediate moment.

Marketing Is To Attract

Marketing will get travelers to notice your vacation rental.

Sales Is To Persuade

Sales is what it takes to convince travelers to book!

Marketing Is A Message

Marketing is a one-way message you want your vacationers to receive.

Sales Is Communication

Sales is much more like a conversation where you can communicate why your vacation rental is right for their individual needs.  Your renters can also communicate with you, ask questions and address concerns. In the sales process, you can overcome objections and transfer a feeling about your property.

Marketing Is Cold

When you’re marketing your vacation rental online your advertising to the world. The message is often a bit diluted in its personal message, therefore, the client is a “cold” one.

Sales Is Warm

The idea of sales is to get the client from a cold client to a warm one.

Embracing sales and marketing techniques together will help you gain more bookings from your existing marketing and help you create a killer vacation rental marketing campaign

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