Are You Giving Your Vacation Home Rentals To Your Competition?

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Well are you? I guess you may be wondering how you could be possibly giving your vacation home rentals to your competitor. It happens alot more often than you think. Many vacation home owners who don’t have a website or do and don’t use it properly send their clients to their vacation home listings on third party vacation rental websites and ultimately their competition. These websites offer you a chance to display your home to the travel agencies websites visitors. They charge you to advertise with them, but don’t pay to advertise for their customers and your competition.  Some vacation home owners send their prospective renters to these listings. Now listings are a good part of a complete marketing campaign, if you know what your doing. However they can also hurt you, because as you send them to your vacation rental listing , you are also sending your prospective renter thousands of other options for their vacation. As the renter will search through your listing they will also stumble upon all of the other vacation home listings on that website. So don’t send people to vacation home website listings, use your own website dedicated to advertise your vacation home and let your home be their only option. If you don’t have your own website for your vacation home, your missing out, Contact us today for a free quote.

Vacation Rental Marketing Tips. Are You Losing Vacation Rentals?

Vacation Rental Marketing Tips. Are You Losing Vacation Rentals?

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