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I’m going to take you back – back to a video I shared with you earlier this year. Do you remember this one? The blog title was called 1 Weird Trick for Meatier Vacation Rental Marketing.

In that video I called your vacation rental marketing bologna and pretty much everyone agreed, their marketing was like bologna! If you haven’t seen it check it out. It’ll unquestionably bring more value to today’s video and your vacation rental marketing.

Now fast-forward to the present – today’s blog is a follow up of that video. In this video I share with you ways to spice up your vacation rental websites and marketing portfolios just by using this one major ingredient.  Most vacation rental managers and owners are missing out on results because they overlook this in their presentations.

I  also have a future (3rd video) I’m going to publish later this week on this same topic. In that video I’ll be sharing one of my most effective promotional tools. I’ve never shared this resource anywhere else before. You’ll like it because it’s very effective and extremely cheap to use.

I’ll be posting that one later this week, if you all enjoy this one. Please share it if you like it and comment below.

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I’m bringing to you today some food for thought. Here are just a few marketing nuggets I’ll be discussing in the video.

  • What $201 Billion Dollar Travel Trend Doubled Organically In Its Growth?
  • What Is The Most Effective Ingredient Your Advertisements Are Missing?
  • How Can You Create Variety In Your Marketing & Make Everyone Crave It?
  • How To Bake More Flavor Into Your Vacation Rental Listings
  • How To Spice Up Your Vacation Rental Website

Are you using the marketing muscles behind one of the industry’s fastest growing trends for your vacation rental business? Honestly I want to know.

Check out the video and please share your comments.



  • Samantha Owens says:

    Wow it never dawned on me to use food as a marketing tool. Makes a lot of sense. Its something we all need (not want).

    I am going to use the dinner in the sky in my marketing. This is now available in our area.

    Thanks for sharing Jay and congrats on the TripAdvisor partnership!

    • Jay William says:

      This is so cool. I think I’d get excited about trying it!

    • Jay William says:

      I’d also add you can accomplish what was discussed in the video by including a personal chef as an option for renters. A personal chef cooking for your guests would often be a “first time” event for them. A good local chef can offer to cook up some famous local dishes that can help your presentation greatly. When I designed Amy Firmani’s website we did exactly that, you can see am example on her services page

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