1 Weird Trick For Meatier Vacation Rental Marketing

By June 12, 2015 Marketing, Selling Tips

Find Out Why Your VR Marketing is Just Bologna!



I recently had the opportunity to speak with Robert, a travel marketing associate, at a local tourism bureau.


I was looking to squeeze some tips out of Robert and share some of that valuable information with owners and managers like yourself, who follow my blogs.


There are many factors that contribute to the great success of their online marketing efforts, but I connected with one immediately.


I love how they presented their marketing to travelers because it really does work.


Yeah… going on vacation is a dream for many, but lets keep things in perspective about travel planning – it can be a grueling task. You’ve heard the saying “I need a vacation from my vacation”.


The saying suggests that vacations can be hectic, and in many cases, the planning process has something to do with that… are you contributing to the chaos of the vacation planning process?


The way that you help potential renters plan their travel and book more nights in your vacation rental is by helping them and you should do that by offering them “vacation packages”.


Forget about just renting your vacation home for a week, an order taker can do that.


What you want to do is book more nights than your competition, right?


Then you’ve got to put yourself behind the eyes of the traveler and think what they think for just a moment.


Do you think travelers consider their budgets before traveling? Of course they do!


In their vacation, budget travelers consider important things like the cost of lodging, entertainment, food, gas and transportation.


If you create packages around these type of travel expenses, you can make your vacation rental more attractive for travelers who are planning an upcoming vacation.

Why should you use packages to promote your vacation rental property?



Vacation Rental Marketing Packages Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Rental Offer.


Here’s a secret: negotiate and seek out discount rates for attractions, restaurants and activities around your vacation home.


Why is this a secret? Well now you can include these offers, freebies and upgrades for a lesser cost but the product still has the full price value to the consumer.


(I’m going to show my subscribers exactly how I set up my packages)




Presenting Your Vacation Rental As A Package Deal Is A Game Changer!


When you offer a vacation rental package you’ve changed the rules of the game.


Packages create more value for your vacation rental since travelers are no longer comparing apples to apples in terms of a place to book.


A vacation package is almost an unfair advantage over competitors but hey… business ain’t fair!


Travelers will be forced to take a second look at your vacation rental offer because it’s different then others offers they’re getting from other property management companies and owners. Potential travelers will likely feel they’re getting more for their vacation dollars if you’ve set up your vacation rental packages correctly.


Want to know the best offers travelers love that won’t cost much at all?


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Happier Guests, Better Reviews and More Referrals Using Vacation Rental Packages.



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