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Vacation Rental Marketing

Ok, we know it’s important to have a strong vacation rental marketing campaign in this competitive game of online marketing. But what’s the point of having leads come in from your vacation rental marketing if you let other owners steal them from you.
What are you selling? Are you selling a week’s rental in your vacation rental or are you selling a vacation experience?
A vacation rental home owner needs to picture themselves as being a travel planner not a person who owns a house for rent. A renter is really just a traveler and to be honest, travelers don’t really care too much about your vacation rental home. A traveler cares about their vacation experience. This is why you should act like a travel planner, helping your traveler plan the perfect vacation experience.

Travelers want to know that they’re going to go on vacation and have an amazing time, each travelers definition of amazing is different. It’s your job to understand what the travelers looking for and help them get what they want.
There are very few vacationers who know exactly what they want and or need. there are others who have no clue and are going to need someone to help.

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Article By Jay William~ Author ” Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You”


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