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I’d like to encourage you to not give up on your vacation rental marketing efforts too soon. Don’t think you’re going to be crushing it with a fully booked rental on day one.

Much like a farmer planting his crops there is a process the farmer can’t skip.

SEED: First you have to put your seeds in the ground, which means you’ve got to put in the work.   There are many areas where you can grow your bookings like building a website, SEO, blogging, backlinking, posting ads, social marketing and using listing services. With all of these, there is some level of work involved.

TIME: Once you’ve put in the hard work (or had someone do it for you) You gotta allow some time for your marketing seeds to spread and take root.   Much like the farmer has to wait on the rain to water his crops and on the sun to nourish it, your marketing is very similar.

This time allows your marketing seeds to grow throughout search engines, third party websites, and the other online channels.

HARVEST:  Sometimes it can feel like the work you’re doing has no value because you don’t see the value or return instantly.

But if your following sound vacation rental marketing advice then your results will come, It’s just a matter of time.

In the past, I’ve often felt like I’ve done work and it didn’t seem to produce a result and then it breaks, something happens usually a sale or booking, which I can tie directly back to one of those tasks I thought may not have been fruitful.

Only once you’ve put in the work and time will you receive your harvest.

Do not wait to start your marketing. You want to get traction in the online market just as soon as you can.

If you’re not getting the income from bookings you need, don’t procrastinate. Consider that it will take time to boost your rental income.

You also want to make sure your planting enough seeds to produce the harvest you need.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep on planting!