Vacation Rental Interior Design With Mercedes Brennan

mercedes brennan vacation rental interior designer

Meet a vacation rental interior design expert!

Let me introduce to you one of my favorite people to work with in the VR world, her name is Mercedes Brennan.

She is such a pleasure to work with.

Mercedes is a gifted vacation rental interior designer AND one sharp marketer.

Don’t let her pretty designs fool you, shes an aggressive marketer too.

She  knows how to create interest and draw attention, thats what stood out to me about Mercedes.

She not only has design style but shes got marketing skills too.

Mercedes has done a great job of marketing herself and promoting her interior design blog .

I recently read one of her pieces I thought was alluring to say the least. The blog was titled… ” People Have Sex In Your Rental, Plan For It“. Bold… huh?

Well, sometimes you have to be bold to grab the attention of your audience.

Mercedes shows owners how they can say something bold about their properties (without words) with her inspiring vacation rental interior design ideas.

I asked Mercedes if she’d mind sharing some of her  best interior design tips to help you attract more guests and make more bookings. Here’s what she shared with us…….


 Why You Need to Create a ‘Yes!!!’ Vacation Rental


You’ve seen them.

We’ve all rolled our eyes over them. Bookmarked them. Wishfully.

I’m referring to the jaw dropping vacation rentals that get featured in design blogs and magazines, the ones that seem to get everything right, both inside and out.

Instead of Rent me, I’m available, they beckon Live here and be happy.


And guests say “Yes, I want that!” In fact, they reserve months in advance. Without hesitation.


ideas for furnishing a vacation rental

What’s their secret?

Vacation Rental Interior Design Secrets


It’s simple. Owners of such properties understand a fundamental truth about vacation rental success and it’s a little contrary to the slogans being sung in this industry, and it’s this:

People do not want a home away from home on vacation. Absolutely not.

What they want instead is the home they wished they had away from home.

Wished they had is the part to pay attention to. In fact, memorize that last bit.


vacation rental decorating and interior design tips

We are living in the new era of aesthetics. Outstanding design is everywhere. It’s an enticing, stimulating, gorgeous world where everything from smart phones to coffee shops compel us to look, listen, stay awhile and buy.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the vacation rental market. The chicest digs win the most bookings. Hands down every time.

And smart vacation rental owners take advantage of this. They realize that in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, they must provide the kind of vacation retreat that people dream about living in.

Guests have not only come to expect a dream vacation home, they feel they deserve it.

After all, vacations are precious and people want the jaw dropping, not the ho-hum.

You would be seriously surprised at how many vacation rentals do not deliver on design. It’s probably upwards of 95%.

The majorities are average.

In fact, people forget about them the minute they click off their page.


vacation home kitchen needing interior design help

We can talk about marketing secrets all day long, but the naked truth is that all the promotion in the world won’t make these mediocre vacation rentals appealing.

They’re only going to book when guests don’t have better options, most likely because they are booking last minute.

And to make themselves feel better (and not bitter about paying the same price as the chic rental that booked up months ago), they will tell themselves, “well, it’s only a place to sleep after all,” or the all too common, “we will be out most of the time anyway and not spending much time in the house.”

That’s what guests tell themselves when they book a ho-hum, nothing special vacation rental.

“But, hey,” you argue, “chic vacation rentals are geared for upper income bracket folks, not the average guest.”

It is true that chic rentals tend to be on the higher side; but there are plenty of very affordable and beautifully designed rentals too.

The truth of the matter is that it costs no more to decorate well than to decorate poorly.

Beautiful rentals in all price brackets always out-book average ones, so it makes sense to put the time into decoration, no matter how humble your rental.

After all, as more homes come on the market, it will be harder and harder to be average and still get decent bookings.


cheap ways to design a vacation rental

So don’t do average.

Design a ‘Yes!’ vacation rental instead.

Average vacation rentals are all over the web. Don’t waste your time creating them. There are already 300,000 other vacation rentals doing that.

Guests of all income brackets want chic retreats in which to spend their precious vacation time and if given the choice, will reject ‘nothing special’ every time.

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