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Vacation Rental Help:  Experts Reveal Winner

I recently asked my subscribers what is your biggest challenge in your rental business and your response was amazing. Thank you for participating.

So, many of you submitted your properties to be reviewed and critiqued by our Vacation Rental Expert Panel in order to show you how to make more bookings and improve your personal rental situation.

After carefully reviewing each entry, I realized… this is way harder than I thought it would be!

There’s been some really great candidates and very interesting challenges, but for this month I had to choose just one… so here she is, folks –


Meet Vacation Rental Owner Theresa Robertson

vacation rental owner teresa robertson

Theresa Robertson has a cabin, “Rich Summit View Log Cabin”, right outside of Boone, North Carolina. Here’s the link to her current website – Take a look!

boone south caronlina cabin rental

What we’re going to be doing for Theresa is definitely a unique opportunity which has never been done before. I wanted everyone following along with us to get the most out of the review and I thought, if we just write a blog about the recommendations, it wouldn’t be as interesting or insightful for you.


Especially considering;

  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (remember these stats they’ll be even more relevant during the review)


So, with that in mind our panel of Vacation Rental Experts (Myself, Tyann & Mercedes) have gotten together on a video conference to assess and give our expert recommendations to Theresa and her property / website from our respective industry viewpoints.


This should be fun! (We’ll be posting the video on Tuesday, so make sure to tune in!)


I’d also like to thank both Mercedes and Tyann for taking time out of their busy schedules to do this pro bono work and for their social service to the vacation rental community.


Why did we pick Theresa? Let me first say that each month we will be choosing people on a variety of topics, needs and challenges. But here is why we chose Theresa this month.


  • She participated on social networks likes, comments, shares etc. Because we want to help as many people as possible, social sharing/participation were somethings we considered.


  • Theresa was responsive. I engaged most everyone with a question and some answered the questions, while others didn’t. In my mind I thought if she responded to all of my questions she would probably be responsive to inquiries and have a good chance of succeeding, if she applied what we share with her.


  • There was a real need for help. I took a look at how Theresa was doing with her rentals and that weighed on the decision to help her. Here is what her calendar looks like


boone cabin owner booking calendar



In our video review, each of us has provided our suggestions for improvement in the following Vacation Rental Industry categories:


WEBSITE – Myself (Jay William)

PHOTOGRAPHY – Tyann Marcink

INTERIOR DESIGN – Mercedes Brennan

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Expert Panel had to say about Theresa’s cabin:


jay william vacation rental marketing expertJay William said:  A website is not just a “website” it’s a presentation. I found that Theresa’s presentation is doing her more harm than good, her vacation rental website is reducing the property market demand and perceived value.

A website needs to transfer a feeling about the experience the traveler will have in just a moments glance, that’s not happening here. A website needs to get would be travelers excited in seconds, because that’s all we have.  I truly believe when Theresa and everyone else see the potential we bring out in this charming cabin, you’ll truly understand how a property presented properly is all of a sudden worth more.



mercedes brennanMercedes said : “The one factor, missing in all the rooms of Rich Summit View Cabin, is one simple color. And not just any color. It happens to be the #1 favorite color on the planet, by all people, of all cultures, and all ages. It’s blue.

Rich Summit Cabin is composed solely of yellows, oranges, browns, Burgundies and tans. When you dominate your interiors with yellows, oranges, browns, Burgundies and tans, you end up with earth tone dominance. Fortunately, correcting the Rich Summit Cabin’s earth tone dominance problem will be easy. We just need to add in some blue!”



tyann marcink vacation rental photographerTyann said:  “What I find exciting about Theresa’s property is the delicious sunlight that plays across the cabin and the mountains. She captured only glimpses of the beautiful light in her current set of photos.

Equipped with the right tools and a whole lot of patience, Theresa can definitely make the Rich Summit View cabin live up to its name.”



So there you are folks, Theresa is our big winner! Don’t miss the big video posting on Tuesday featuring Me (Jay William), Tyann Marcink and Mercedes Brennan as we show you the hidden potential of Teresa’s cabin!
We’re now on the hunt for our next lucky candidate, guys… so if you haven’t already done so, enter your property information here ( ) for the chance to win free, personalized, industry expert advice, feedback and suggestions from our Expert Panel for your vacation rental property! Good luck!



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