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So today is day two of our three-day event Vacation Rental Expert Panel Presentation Makeover!

For those of you who are first time readers and missed yesterday’s segment on vacation rental interior design, you can catch up here.

In today’s expert panel video, professional photography expert Tyann Marcink  reviews Paola’s vacation rental photos.

The expert coaches Paola on what she is doing right and what she could improve on. She also gives Paola super insightful advice on how to make her photos pop.

When Paola reached out to us, these were her initial concerns about her photography:

Be able to take photos to transmit my prospects that sense of freshness, romanticism and originality and maybe take some picture myself instead of delegating everything to professional photographers (I suffer from the “click fear”).

Do you face some of the same challenges as Paola?

How are your vacation rental photos? Are they high quality? Do they evoke the right theme? Are you paying attention to light? Do you know what a wide zoom lens is?

Watch today’s video to get some of the most valuable vacation rental photography advice in the industry.

About the expert
Tyann Marcink is a true expert in the vacation rental industry. She has written two books on vacation rental photography, has been featured in numerous vacation rental blogs, and has spoken at several industry conferences such as the HomeAway Summit and Vacation Rental World Summits. She is even a vacation rental owner herself!