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Well guys, today is the final segment of the Vacation Rental Expert Panel Presentation Makeover that we did for vacation rental owner Paola Gheis.

If you missed the last two segments where we review her interior design presentation and photography presentation, you can watch those here-

Part I- Interior Design

Part II – Photography

Today’s episode features Jay William!!! 🙂

I had so much fun reviewing Paola’s website presentation.

When Paola reached out to us, these were Paola’s initial concerns about her website:

My website was developed by Antonio Bortolotti over a year ago. It is my duty now to keep it more fresh and to keep up with the guests/prospects needs and I surely need help. My big challenge is to be found on the internet, I am fairly hidden at the moment.

In the video, I discuss a couple big problems with her website design and offer helpful solutions.

There were a few things that Paola was neglecting in her website presentation.

Be sure to watch and see what they are so you can avoid making some of the same mistakes.

This is the chance for you to get free tips on perfecting your website presentation!

Well that’s it! The vacation rental expert panel has come to an end! Except not really!

Do you want to be the next lucky owner to get in on all this free help?

Let us know what your biggest challenge is and you might be chosen for our next expert panel episode.

Enter your property for a chance to win a free expert panel review. 

Good luck and I hope you’ve enjoyed this round of the expert panel!

One Comment

  • Thank you for sharing the video, with good ideas as usual. I immediately took some on board, and updated my website.
    I am sure that Paola is delighted with her ‘new look’, and should receive lots of enquiries and bookings. Congratulations!

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