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Last week many of you took the Vacation Rental Inquiry Challenge, thanks for participating.


I’m sure we all would like to answer our inquiries quickly and effectively, every single time. But, unless you’re embracing technology, you’re probably finding this extremely difficult to do.


Throughout our vacation rental inquiry series, I will be showing you some of my secret techniques that help me reply to and convert more vacation rental inquiries into bookings.


In my business I’ve had some serious problems, but the good news is that I have resolved many of those problems. So now I can share with you what I’ve learned in the process.


I’ll tell you how I have managed to streamline my business, keep new business flowing and fix a lot of the problems I came across in growing our business even further.


So here is just one of the issues I had. Stay tuned to learn more about the problems I’ve solved in future posts; you’re going to love what I’ve come up with!


I would hardly call getting a ton of inquiries a problem but its true, it became an issue. Let me explain: I would get a ton of inquiries about our various services, and to be honest, we just couldn’t get to everyone.


It was a good feeling to know that we have reached a level of success that we have more business than we know what to do with, but that still didn’t sit well with me.


There were still a lot of people who really wanted our vacation rental marketing services and because I just couldn’t get to all of them right away, they weren’t given the opportunity to buy our vacation rental marketing products.


I’ve created a system that I’ll be sharing with you that helps me get more business with less leg work and almost completely eliminates wasted time invested in people who don’t buy.


Lets start with the phone call.


If you can answer your inquiries with a phone call then you will have a very good chance of making the booking. However, this is sometimes easier said then done.


The client could be at work and in between their visit to Facebook when they decide to do some research on the trip they’ve been thinking of taking, they inquire about your property. Problem is, if you call them back at work, you won’t be able to have a meaningful conversation about their vacation and your rental property.


It is also often hard for busy owners or for those who have a full-time job to call a renter in the middle of the day and have a full conversation.


In the video found in this post I show you just one simple trick I learned that has helped me to make deeper connections with my friends, family, acquaintances, customers and prospects, while rapidly responding to their emails and inquiries.


Check it out and leave your comments below, please. If you’d like to get the other videos I am releasing then be sure to sign up for my newsletters.


What do you think about this video I created for you?