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Did you know that coupons can also reduce cancellations?

It’s true that coupons can reduce cancelations and there are mainly two reasons how.

  • You can incorporate certain restrictions for a coupon or discounted offer. You may have noticed when booking a hotel you may be given the option to purchase a room at a lower rate with *additional terms. Usually those terms are, you cannot get a refund, cancel or change the reservation. These deals are offered at lower rates but with stricter policies.


  •  The second reason is that because the traveler feels they’ve received an incredible deal they’re more likely to keep the reservation. The value of the deal keeps them committed based on logic. If they feel they will not get this deal again they will not want to let it go. If they’ve purchased at regular rates there isn’t as much to lose when canceling a reservation, they can always re-book it if need be.

Want to know more about advertising your vacation rental using coupons? Check back we are releasing a series about vacation rental coupon marketing with interesting facts and free ways to use coupon marketing in your strategy.

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