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Vacation Rental Coupon Ad

Marketing Vacation Rentals

Today let’s talk about coupon marketing, should you be using coupons to market your vacation rental?

If so how, where and why?

Are coupons a trend or taboo?

On one hand you may believe discounts and coupons will bring in new customers, that will truly benefit your business, right?

On the other hand some vacation rental owners may argue that they don’t want the clients who are looking for the cheapest prices they can find. They aren’t the type of clientele they want to attract therefore they don’t offer coupons or discounts.

So who is right?

I randomly asked a few people I know, what type of people they thought are more likely to use coupons.

It appeared most believed that lower income families and individuals with smaller budgets were the ones who searched for and redeem coupons the most.

Of course, it makes sense penny-pinching families looking for bargains are the ones using coupons, right.

Did You Know?

  • A family who earns over 100 k per year is 200% more likely to search for and use discount coupons than those families making 35k or less.

Myth busted!

Poor people don’t use coupons wealthy ones do.

Coupon usage is on the rise!

  • The number of mobile coupon usage is expected to grow 13-fold by 2014.

With sites like Groupon and popping up consumers are becoming even more comfortable using coupons.

“Consumers say there ain’t no shame in their gain”, when it comes to using coupons. (According to a recent study by

Sites like these offering coupons and bargains have helped to dissolve the stigma associated with coupons.

Groupons and Living Social also offer travel coupons, which I’ve noticed an expansion in those sections of the site. This is an indication to me that they’re doing well with those travel coupons. I’ve even caught myself browsing through them.

  • According to a leading coupon website overall shopping habits and coupon redemption was up 63% in 2011.

The dive in the economy has not stopped travelers from taking their vacations. What the economy has done however is create savvier travel shoppers.

Consumers have had to make smarter choices with their money. Providing a coupon for your vacation rental allows the buyer to feel good about going ahead with the booking.  In a way you’re giving your travelers the OK to buy from you by offering a coupon offer.

Hey, they’re saving money and that’s enough to make any mother proud. Savings on a product can help renters justify the purchase.

Are coupon shoppers smarter with their money because they’re educated?

  • College-educated people are 78% more likely than the non-college educated to be coupon lovers.
  • A study of coupon usage by back in September of 2009 found that 27% of college graduates use coupon websites to find coupons, an increase of 5% from the previous year.

Have you stereo typed coupon users?

Are you using coupons to attract affluent, smart and socially responsible travelers? If not you’ve got some work to do.

Stay tuned for our next post. We will be revealing free places you can market your vacation rental using coupons.

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