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For those of you who don’t know me my name is Jay William (the little bald guy in the middle) I m a vacation rental consultant. I’ve been working in the vacation rental industry as the CEO of Villa Marketers going on 10 years now. There is one thing that I absolutely love about what I do, whats that?…. the people!

The people I meet and the friends I have made is what keeps me tied to the vacation rental industry. I love when I can help people improve their lives and financial situations. Through this process of helping them we often become friends.

An example of one of our many success stories is Kim and Martyn Oliver. I’ve been working as a vacation rental consultant for Kim and Martyn since they purchased their 6 bedroom Florida vacation home in 2011 but I am more than just their consultant and they are more then my clients, they’re friends!

This week they both stopped by our office to share with me that they have done so well with their Emerald Island vacation rental over the years, they’ve decided to purchase another vacation property in Florida.

We sat in our Downtown office and discussed their new vacation rental marketing strategy while we enjoyed a spread of snacks, coffee and tea (Martyn didn’t like our black tea). Did I mention he is British, so I have to trust he knows his tea!

We had a great time breaking down their plan of action for bringing in this new property into their portfolio. We tackled some issues like:

  • How to make this new property stand out from others.
  • Do we need to create a new website since this vacation rental is so different than the first one purchased
  • Examined what they were doing right and what they still weren’t doing 100% correctly
  • How to introduce this new property into the market and begin receiving inquires

After 3 hours of fun, food and brainstorming they left feeling confident that this vacation rental would be a success!

Have you ever wondered about similar questions related to your vacation rental?

I highly reccomend that you begin making friends with people who inquire about your vacation home, find out about them, who they are, what they do and truly help them, like you would a friend.  If your clients become your friends you treat them differently and in return they treat you differently, thats when you know you’ve entered the “friend zone”. Its a much easier position to make sales from when people can trust you, like you and know who you are. Your friends will come back to visit you and tell their friends about you.

 This might be simple advise but it needs to be said…. Be friendly, useful and helpful all the time not just when you feel like it!

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

If you need help with marketing your vacation rental stop by our office, we’ll turn on a pot of coffee for you. If you’re not in town give us a call!

Want to Improve Your Business? I’m here if you need some help. Unlike other vacation rental consultants I make it real easy for you to get those important answers you need.

Go here to see my vacation rental consulting services and we can get started right away.

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