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I’m a firm believer that problems are often opportunities in disguise and therefore not valued as much as they should be.

In business, a customer’s problem can actually lead to a new sale, especially when you offer another product or service that solves their newest problem.

Turning your problems into profits is possible only when you squint your eyes and tilt your head, and begin to look at those problems for what they are – opportunities disguised as problems.

I want you to think about your biggest and most common vacation rental problems and ask yourself, “how can I solve these problems in a way that would be beneficial to me and my customers?”

When you encourage yourself to think like this, you’re able to come up with sustainable solutions that often result in more profits, better service and an increase in your brand’s professionalism.


vacation rental business ideas on solving problem


No one wants to deal with problems. People naturally want to go down the path of least resistance but doing so may not always be the best thing for us.

Doing the opposite, welcoming problems and confronting the issues head on, allows you to evolve and grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. If you avoid problems, you’ll avoid your success too.

We can’t be scared of problems. If you want to grow or scale your business – you have to know problems are going to happen. It’s part of the growing pains and there’s just no avoiding it.  

Growth, whether financial or other, comes with problems! You’ve heard the saying – more money, more problems – right? If you want to make more money be ready to take on more problems. And that is why today’s blog is all about – problems.

You’ve gotta know how to deal with problems if you’re going to reach the level of success you want.

Looking back at your problems after successfully overcoming them is one of the most encouraging feelings an entrepreneur can experience. 

Learn to listen to people, welcome problems and graciously accept not so great feedback. It’ll make you a stronger business person.

The more problems you overcome in your vacation rental business the less intimidated you are by problems and issues, and the more confident you become in yourself and your product.





Problems cause us to change – usually for the better. I’m reminded of Kevin and Michael two successful vacation rental entrepreneurs, who saw the problems with HomeAway coming.

Instead of reacting and just complaining about the situation, Kevin and Michael responded to the problem with a plan, and they were going to use our vacation rental marketing guide as a checklist. 

Their response to their problem with HomeAway led them on the path of becoming independent and generating 90 inquiries within 30 days of launching their own vacation rental website.

Without these problems having happened in the vacation rental industry, they’d still be dependent on vacation rental listing sites and likely facing, even more, problems.

Reacting to a problem can create bigger problems. Responding allows you to process what can happen and make the best decisions.


Speed Of Solution



Problems are good as long as you solve them quickly – Meg Whitman.

The trick to preventing problems from becoming real problems and turning them into great opportunities is your ability to respond quickly and deal with issues immediately.

Here are a few takeaways I’d like to leave you with to help you overcome obstacles that have been holding you back from growing your business.


  • Remember – every breakthrough begins with a problem.
  • Dealing with problems quickly will decrease the negative effect the problem will have on your business and your life. 
  • Don’t react to problems.
  • Respond to problems with a plan.
  • The next time a problem pops up, look for the opportunity within that problem, overcome it and pursue the positive side of every problem.
  • Don’t waste energy complaining about your problem, you’ll need that energy to solve your problem.
  • Instead of reacting to a problem – STOP, and ask yourself – “how do we solve it”?
  • Do what you can do. You can do something! You have the responsibility to do everything within your own power to fix the problems that arise.
  • Take responsibility for your problem. Don’t blame anyone but yourself. This type of blame game prevents you from solving issues.
  • Use what you have, give all you have including your time, energy, brainpower, and effort.
  • Stop worrying! Be hopeful of new opportunities your problem solving will create.
  • Stop calling problems – problems, instead call them challenges or obstacles.

If you look back at your life, would you say that the problems in your life were blessings, made you stronger and ultimately got you where you are? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The only things holding you back from the success you want are your problems! Unchain yourself!

Today’s post is a warm up for our next article where I flip the script on the topic of problems.

I’m going to share a specific technique for leveraging “problems” in your marketing. A technique used to persuade more travelers to book your vacation rental.

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