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vacation rental business card design

Design A Vacation Rental Business Card

A business card is one of the oldest forms of marketing and has been a successful income generator and a common business practice for years.

There are very good reasons every real business in the world has a business card. So, why doesn’t your vacation rental business have a business card to help market and present your property properly?

Owners who have a vacation rental business card get more bookings because of it. A business card is one of the simplest and lowest priced forms of marketing. Vacation rental business cards  can be a surprisingly effective way to boost occupancy. Think about it what is the best way to promote your vacation home to your friends, family and colleagues without appearing to be braggadocios? You are the proud owner of a fantastic vacation rental and you should show it off to everyone you meet. But how do you do it without appearing to brag?

Let the card do the talking for you. You’ll never have to mention that you have a vacation rental to anyone but yet everyone will know it.

You interact socially on a daily basis with people at work, family, friends and people you bump into. In many cases you’ll have the opportunity to give someone your number or email address to keep in contact with you. Instead of writing it down whip out one of your mini sales presentation you have in your pocket. I’m referring to that little business card you designed for your vacation rental property. All you’ll need to do is simply tell people ‘here is my personal number and email address” while handing them your business card. Chances are (if you’ve designed a visually stimulating vacation rental business card) they’ll be asking you the questions. You’ll get asked questions like; is this your home? Where is the property located? Will you give me a special deal to rent it?

Now you have a very discrete yet powerful way to boost occupancy just from your daily interactions with people. In my book Vacation Rental Marketing, Secrets No One Will Tell You” I go into detail of how to market your vacation rental in creative and effective ways using the business card that will get you at least a couple of bookings a year. For the affordable price of this little marketing tool there is no excuse for you not to have one.

What are you waiting for?

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