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Restaurants Reviews Can Help Your Vacation Rentals Advertising

Vacation Rental Advertising Reviews & Reservations

Good vacation rental advertising advice is hard to come by so, here is a little tip to help you make more reservations online.

Always remember that it is all about the travelers’ vacation experience. If you’ll keep that in mind, you’ll never go wrong. Travelers want an amazing vacation experience and will reserve accommodations that offer them the best experience that their money can buy them.

This is where your presentation comes in. You have to use all of your advertising tools to help you get more reservations and convince renters to book with you. This means you’ve got to tell all the reasons why your vacation rental is the renters’ best option. List all of the features and benefits that are available “if” they rent your vacation rental home.

Vacation rental properties often have restaurants and dining options available nearby the resort or property area, some of which brag of some really good “eatins”.

Did you know travelers consider food an important part of their vacation? People like to go to nice places, eat great food and have some fun! Help them do it and you’ll be helping yourself. Chances are you’ve traveled to an unfamiliar location and you’ve wondered “where can I get something to eat around here”, If not you may need to get out a little more.

Vacationers want to taste the famous foods the town may be known for. Why not suggest some really great restaurants that are near by your vacation rental. The restaurants don’t necessarily have to be a 5 star gourmet establishment although 5 stars are great too. The vacation rentals neighborhood may have a famous whole in the wall that may be known for the greasiest bacon burgers or the best darn pizza in town.

Some places have unique themed restaurants or really weird food items these are must haves for your recommended restaurant list. Create a diverse list with a few different types of food remember it’s about the guests so although your taste buds love a certain type of food your guests might hate it! Therefore give a variety of cuisine and restaurant options. Here are some examples; Chinese, Hamburgers, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Seafood and you can’t forget your famous steakhouse. Giving a variety of food options will help you catch the interest of nearly every type of traveler and help get them to make a reservation. You want to cover all your bases but don’t over due it. This list should be your handpicked selection of the absolute best restaurants in your area.

You can use a restaurants raving reviews to help you rent out your vacation rental. Try visiting websites like Urbanspoon to help you find restaurants nearby your vacation rental that travelers are raving about. Then make mention of these reviews on your vacation rentals website by suggesting these restaurants to your rental prospects. It’s best if you use restaurants close to you, this will help travelers to understand that these are benefits of renting your vacation rental.

Hotels that do not have their own restaurants will often recommend nearby restaurants to eat at and so should you.

Vacationers will appreciate the fact that you have put together such a thoughtful presentation for them. They will feel like you’re a professional who has probably been asked these questions before and you’ve added this list to your vacation rentals website for their convenience. Little things like this go a long way in the eyes of your vacationers. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the traveler’s experience. Vacation rental advertising tips like this one helps build trust after-all who goes through the trouble of creating a recommended restaurant list? I’ll tell you who, a vacation rental owner who truly cares about the vacationers experience. This small gesture will help to translate professionalism to your vacation rentals prospects.

If you really want to seal the deal and get more rental reservations, you’ll pick up the phone and contact the restaurants on your list. It really only takes minutes to do this, you can ask to speak to the manager and ask them if they have any coupons or special offers you can give to your renters for their restaurants. Many of the restaurants near your vacation property will likely say yes. These are customers they would get inside their restaurants that would have other-wised passed them by. Therefore restaurant owners needing extra business would gladly help you. If you’re able to obtain these restaurant discounts for your renters you can use these to fuel your vacation rentals advertising.

Imagine advertising your vacation rental like this:

Visit Harry’s Steak House Best Steaks In Town! 15% off when you book with us.

Sarah’s Seafood Shack Famous for Their Crab legs Free entree when you book with us.

Louis’s Cozy Corner Voted #1 Fried Chicken by TripAdvisor Only Minutes from Villa Free appetizer when you book with us.

Now you’re taking your vacation rental advertising serious. Make sure you add this list of restaurants and reviews to your website, you and your renters will be glad you did.

We understand that vacation rental advertising is a full time job for many owners; however we can help lighten your load.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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