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TripAdvisor Partners With Villa Marketers 

I’m finally able to share the big news with you. I’m officially TripAdvisor’s Vacation Rentals expert partner for all vacation rental marketing content.

I’m extremely humbled by the honor of working with the world’s largest travel website. It’s the first time TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals has partnered with a rental marketer to help their owners and managers.

It’s a privilege and the ultimate accolade to be recognized by TripAdvisor as the authority vacation rental marketer in our industry and the best fit to help TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals owners and managers become more successful in their businesses.

I look forward to being able to expand my ability in helping even more owners and managers reach their goals – thanks to TripAdvisor.

Here is what TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals announced on their website about our partnership.

Vacation Rental Expert Marketing Partnership

jay william vacation rental marketing expert tripadvisorTripAdvisor has partnered with Jay William, Founder & CEO of, to bring our owners and managers expert-level tips on how to run your rental like a true business. Villa Marketers™ is an industry leading vacation rental marketing service backed by William’s 15+ years experience in sales, online marketing, website design, SEO, writing services and business management

“Together we’ll show you how to get more bookings for less money. From photography tips, writing persuasive descriptions and “selling” your property to setting competitive rates, responding to inquiries and “standing out” from the crowd – we’ve got you covered.”

Today we’re sharing a sample of what’s to come. We’re releasing the first of many free resources we’ve been working on for you.

A Sample Of What’s To Come

The title of your vacation rental listing is one of the most influential parts of your advertising. Unfortunately listing titles are an area managers and owners aren’t fully optimizing.

That’s why we’re addressing the issue with the release of our top 10 list of most powerful tips to create a high-performing listing title. Read our first TripAdvisor article. Will it change the way you write your listing title? We think so.

Click The Link Below To Learn How To Improve Your Titles Today.

10 Tips for Writing Tantalizing Listing Titles

Don’t miss out! We’ll be publishing regular marketing and business advice for you, so join our vacation rental marketing newsletter today. Where can you check out this powerful marketing content?

TripAdvisor Launches New Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

You’ll see more of my exclusive TripAdvisor content published on the TripAdvisor website. They’ve launched a new marketing blog, which I will be hosting. This is a dedicated area on their site created for me to share my best secrets of the trade with you.

I’ve been given a platform on TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals under the “Marketing” tab of their website. In this section, you’ll get to see more of my unique content only found on TripAdvisor.

You can check that out on TripAdvisor’s Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.

Why Partner With TripAdvisor?
They’re the largest travel website on the planet!

Over 350 million travelers per month use TripAdvisor
Over 750,000 properties available for rent

Imagine what can be learned if we could tap into the TripAdvisor database. Think about how we can leverage that type of travel data and marketing intelligence to improve our vacation rental marketing.  As part of our partnership, TripAdvisor has agreed to do exactly that.

TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals is taking us behind the curtain of the world’s largest travel website.

With millions of travelers using the platform to search for, plan and book their perfect vacation rental stay, TripAdvisor will be serving us never-before-shared insights into what drives bookings.

tripadvisor travel statistics marketing data

We’re diving into their vast data vault, identifying the sweet spots of the rental industry – from pricing trends, seasonality, reviews, property preferences, most desired amenities, types of renters, high-demand destinations and more.

I’ll present this new data to you here on in a format designed to help you become better at your vacation rental business and marketing.

The vacation rental industry is booming. There are more owners and managers joining the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. The vacation rental industry does not offer formal training for these new owners and managers, therefore, there is a real need for education and information about the best hospitality and business practices.

Our goal is to help the vacation rental community and travelers through education.

We believe the partnership will translate into more bookings for owners, managers and booking agents while creating a better guest experience for travelers who rent vacation homes.

You’ve entered the game, now learn how to win – with TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals and Villa Marketers.”