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Travelers Book Vacation Rental Properties More When They’re Hungry. Get Your Customers Hungry!

You’ve probably heard the saying the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The saying suggests, if you can appeal to a man’s hunger you will get to his heart. This is very much the same with your vacation rental guests. You will want to satisfy your rental prospects appetite, but before you can do that, your guests must first realize that they are hungry.

Have you ever been sitting on the couch or lying in bed comfortable and relaxed maybe watching a television show and in between that show a commercial comes on with an image of a mouthwatering, juicy, tender steak or maybe your trigger is sweets, whatever it is, it looks delicious, and now you realize that you’re hungry. Wait, but just a moment ago you were comfortable and relaxed.

Now you’re in the kitchen scavenging through your refrigerator and cupboards to satisfy the appetite for the meal you now want. We have to create this very same scenario with your prospects, their not your guests yet, they haven’t bought anything, they are still just prospects.

How we get our vacation rental prospects to buy and become our guests is by making travelers want your amazing product more than they want their money. You don’t mind paying the tab when the food was awesome and the service was extraordinary, even if it was a little pricey. Even though the client may appear relaxed or even reluctant while you’re speaking with them, your prospect might not yet realize that they really want your product or really need your services. It is now up to you to create a mouth watering presentation for your rental prospects.

You have to create a good presentation for your product and make it smell like heaven and when the client hears the sizzle it will make their stomach growl. Once your prospect has an appetite for your product he or she will want to satisfy their appetite or hunger; hopefully with your services. Get them hungry and make them want it!


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