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Travel Writer, SEO Copywriter, and Sales Expert Working For YOU!

Travel writers are a must today for online marketing! Did you know one of the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners make is to reuse their content?


Owners often copy and paste their property description onto different vacation rental listings and websites. This is considered duplicate content, and it can kill search engine rankings for your vacation rental websites and property listings. Google demands unique content for every webpage online; no sense in having two pages with the same information, right? Well, that’s how Google sees it.

Deliver the Right Message

What should you say? How should you say it? You’ll need to invoke the right feelings in readers to effectively communicate the experience to travelers. Minor wording can make a major difference in your marketing message.

We’ve thought of it all for you. Your travel writer will write the descriptions for all your vacation rental website pages and vacation rental ads. We’ll paint a beautiful picture for the visitors of your vacation home’s website.

Close More Sales

Nothing helps put more “heads in beds” than a great sales script. Our sales experience helps you close more bookings with proven sales techniques. Our seductive travel writing services combined with a sales script and a pinch of SEO is a recipe for success.

SEO Articles & Press Releases

Want your website to rank higher in Google? Let our SEO copywriter infuse your vacation rental and travel articles with targeted keyword terms. There is a science to ranking websites in search results. SEO-friendly travel articles are a huge factor in whether or not you’ll succeed in the online travel world. Our talented travel writer Kari leads the team who will create amazing content for your travel business or villa website. We will write SEO content that will be keyword-rich to a certain keyword density. Our SEO formula will ensure your place in search results. Want to write a powerful press release? We can help.

We offer travel writing services combined with a knowledge of SEO that will improve your vacation rental website and listing rankings in search engine results.

We Make It Easy

Villa Marketers understands how time consuming, frustrating, and mind bending it can be to come up with quality content and meaningful travel articles for vacation rental websites and advertisements. Let us do it for you!

Fast Article Delivery

Creating quality content is one reason many projects are held up or even given up on. Vacation rental owners often have difficulty with travel writing. It’s not easy coming up with all the content required for their vacation rental websites and online advertising. Our professional travel writing services help meet deadlines and speed up the overall development and marketing process.

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