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Top 10 Reasons Why Travelers Hate Vacation Rental Owners


Ok, here it is guys; vacationers are complaining about the difficulty they have with booking vacation rentals and they always blame the owners or property manager.


So, I wanted to evaluate their issues and grievances with vacation property owners. I wanted to look at this with an open mind and ask the question, is what travelers are saying about owners really true.


Almost immediately I thought of some difficulties I have had with owners when it comes to booking properties. However I am knee deep in the vacation rental industry so I wanted to ask travelers what they experienced in the market.


Since it was March it was very busy (as always) calls coming in nonstop for bookings.  Within 30 days we asked 100 travelers what the biggest difficulties they experienced were, here are the results of their top ten complaints.


  1. Vacation rental owners don’t answer their emails or are late in doing so. Travelers search the internet for the perfect vacation rental and when they finally find one they like they send an inquiry via email or booking form. The travelers then waits for a reply from the owner and waits and then they waits some more. Vacationers get frustrated with the time it takes for them to receive a response from the vacation rental owner.


  1. Owners stink at keeping up their calendars. This one I know really infuriates would be vacation rental guests. After waiting till whenever the owners get back to them the owners tells them, sorry we are already booked. The conversation goes something like this; (renter) but I am looking at the advertising and it shows that the booking calendar is open (owner) yes, we’ve just taken a booking (this often isn’t true),


  1. They’re rude or disinterested in making the booking. Travelers have shared with me that they are often rushed off the phone or told an owner would call them back and they never returned the phone call. Owners seem distracted with other activities (like crying babies) or they seem to be at work or just busy.


  1. Owners can’t be trusted. Travelers mentioned they have a hard time trusting owners. They don’t know who they can trust some owners seem trustworthy and some don’t. It isn’t like renting a hotel room from a brand you are familiar with and trust (one renter said).


  1. Owners give travelers the 3rd degree. Owners often sway back and forth to determine if they want to rent their home to the person who is inquiring. It’s kind of like a dance the owner makes the renter do to book their home.


  1. The booking process is long and cumbersome. Owners make the booking process difficult for their potential vacation rental guests. The internet has made booking a hotel a snap and travelers are used to booking a hotel online fast. So, when an owner takes their time sending the booking form, invoice, contract, access information, payment details etc. travelers get annoyed.


  1. Owners don’t provide travel assistance.  There were many travelers who said owners are only concerned with booking their vacation home. Travelers want help planning their vacation and private villa owners do not offer assistance, other than reserving their accommodations. Travelers want recommendations and help planning their trip.


  1. Too Many Fees.  Rental owners tack on too many fees, processing fees, cleaning fees, insurance fees, resort fees and booking fees.


  1. They overbook their properties. This one is the biggest reason why travelers hate vacation working with vacation rental owners. There is nothing worse than when you’re getting ready to leave on vacation only to find out that you have no place to go to.


  1. Owners keep travelers security deposits. Whether withholding deposits were just or unjust travelers are concerned with losing their security deposits. Some vacationers said they never received their security deposit on a previous rental, even though they were supposed to. Other travelers expressed they were scared and feel they won’t get their money back.


 What Do You Think?

Have you ever been guilty of any of these? This list is food for thought if you address your vacationers concerns the odds of booking your property will be in your favor. I will also offer some vacation rental tips to help address some of these issues. The idea is to understand travelers have reservations about owners and managers they’ve never done business with. Work on relieving these worries and you will make more bookings because of it.


Stay Tuned!


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