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In my experience with both property managers and vacation rental home owners as well as with guests those vacation homes. I have had to look at all different sides of a subject; are themed rooms the way to go?  A theme room is a designated room in the rental home that has a custom theme. Many times the theme is designed for attracting vacationing families. Several theme rooms I have seen have themes such as a Disney room with portraits of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Tinkerbell and other Disney Characters.

Some of these themed rooms have hand painted murals. There are others that use stickers or pictures to try emulate the same feeling. These rooms are effective for marketing to children and often children have a very powerful input regarding the family vacation. As many families come to Disney for their children, they may consider renting a home with a Disney room for the child, if the villa meets all of the other needs the family has. I’ve seen these theme rooms make a big difference in the demand of a particular property in our rental programs.

However are theme rooms right for every vacation home? There are a variety of other types of theme rooms you can choose to design such as space, pirates, musical, beach, safari, tropical etc. On the flipside I’ve heard the argument that vacation homes that have themed rooms can lose out on other rental clients. Here is an example; if you have a group of business men on a trip to go golfing the argument is that the golfers would not want to have a goofy bedroom. This is where some property managers have said it can hurt rentals. What do you think, does it depend on the size of the home? The area? Or do the benefits simply outweigh the risks? We’d like to hear your opinion.

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