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We are back by popular demand!

The Vacation Rental Expert Panel is back to help another owner transform their vacation rental presentation!

I’m very excited to work with Tyann Marcink and Mercedes Brennan once again.

What about you all…have you enjoyed our previous makeovers?

This time around, we’ve made a couple of changes.

In the past, we critiqued the owner’s vacation rental presentation privately, and they didn’t  receive feedback until the episode was released.

Well this time we let the owner join us on the panel.

The owner sat in on the whole expert panel. We were able to provide on the spot feedback and answer all of the owner’s comments and concerns. The owner found this to be very beneficial and so did the experts.

So who was the lucky owner?

Paola Gheis!!!

Paola is a vacation rental owner with a property in Sitges, Spain, which is located just a short distance from Barcelona.

If you remember, the experts and I did a big community event on my blog offering free marketing help to owners who posted what their biggest challenge as a vacation rental owner was. 

We picked Paola and here’s what she said:

Hi Tyann, Mercedes and Jay! My property is located in Sitges a lovely beach town very close to Barcelona in Spain. My website was developed by Antonio Bortolotti over a year ago. It is my duty now to keep it more fresh and to keep up with the guests/prospects needs and I surely need help. My big challenge is to be found on the internet, I am fairly hidden at the moment. My emotional goal is to have my guests to naturally consider my Casita as their “love nest” and “boutiquify” my VR further with the right decor. Be able to take photos to transmit my prospects that sense of freshness, romanticism and originality and maybe take some picture myself instead of delegating everything to professional photographers (I suffer from the “click fear”). I wonder if my European Casita can be enough of an interesting challenge for you three super expert. thank you! Paola

We explored Paola’s website, interior design and photography to find out where she’s fallen short. We talked about what she’s doing right, and what she could improve on. Tyann gave valuable insight on Paola’s vacation rental photography and I showed her the problems with her site, one huge oversight in particular that has definitely been costing her inquiries. I’ll share that on day 3.

I mentioned we made a couple of changes to this expert panel. Well the other change is that it’s going to be a three-day event.

I’ve broken the Expert Panel into three easily digestible segments, and each day we will focus on a new presentation aspect. This will help you absorb the information you’re learning.

In Paola’s quote above, if you noticed, I highlighted her interior design challenges.

Today we’ll be talking specifically about vacation rental interior design, mistakes owners are making and problems they are facing. 

Paola has tried her best at decorating and furnishing a vacation rental home that her guests will like, but she has had some problems.

In this first segment of the expert panel, Interior Designer Mercedes Brennan gives Paola some amazing feedback and advice on her design presentation.  And you can use a lot of these great tips in your vacation rental too.

Check out the video

About the expert
Mercedes Brennan is a true interior design expert! With a Masters in Interior Architecture from UCLA/Cal Poly, Mercedes has worked for some of the most renowned interior designers and even worked on the design of Gwyneth Paltrow’s home. She is now the founder of an interior design business specifically for vacation rental owners, and I am so excited to have the privilege in working with her to help owners in this industry.


  • jayne mccaw says:

    Hi – I am looking for some easy to use software to create a layout of the home and post it to the profile, can you recommend any?

  • Cyndy says:

    Paola thanks for sharing this and being a great participant in this

    Mercedes, I have a small space and I have learned a bunch from this.

    I love the image gallery!

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