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The Vacation Rental League Of Experts

What is the V.R. League all about? We can sum it up in 3 words:

1) Education  2) Enlightenment  3) Empowerment

Villa Marketers has been hard at work developing epic partnerships in the vacation rental industry. We are driven by the goal of helping every owner and manager looking for help, through good old fashion teamwork. In order to meet the dynamic needs of owners and VR professionals, we’ve created a team of vacation rental gurus called “The VR  League of Extraordinary Experts” (emphasis on extraordinary) to assist in teaching all aspects of owning and renting.

We’re bringing together some of the world’s preeminent vacation rental experts in the industry (some you haven’t even heard of yet). The League is the first and only official league of VR experts established in 2013.

Why Was The V.R. League Formed?

A vacation rental should be a life enhancement however over the years I’ve seen the ugly side of ownership. I’ve seen how an underperforming business or problematic property can totally rock an owners finances affecting their personal and family life. This is why I’ve dedicated myself to helping people do better and do more by providing free vacation rental marketing resources.

There’s power in numbers! By fusing our collective resources together we aid in the empowerment of owners and managers like yourself. We’re committed to bringing you the absolute, most powerful, vacation rental advice you can find anywhere!

Each member of the VR League has certain gifts, that make them extraordinary…. sort of like “superpowers”. Some are social marketing geniuses while another may be a self proclaimed computer geek, they each bring something to the table for you and your VR business.  The League helps to  harness their power for you, so you too can possess the power and use it as part of your own vacation rental marketing strategy!

We’re  Investing In YOUR Success!

We invest our own time, money and resources to create free tools and teach owners and managers how to develop a master-crafted vacation rental marketing campaign. We reveal our best kept secrets in our newsletters, share sales tips and develop “how to” videos that break down vacation rental marketing, photography, video marketing, email marketing, social marketing, press releases practices, SEO, search engine marketing and many other complex strategies.

Our goal is to make these tips easy to digest, understand and apply. We’re here to help you win the online war on your competition. So please support The VR League by sharing our blogs, recommending us to others and by participating with your comments and opinions.

We’re Making A Name For Ourselves 

The V.R. League of Extraordinary Experts was recently featured on Fox and ABC News as well as several dozen top new sources like the Boston Globe the Miami Herald as well as a slew of others, and don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. (In my next upcoming posts I’m going to show you techniques on how we’re doing that)

Who’s In The League? 

Only the best!

Not just anyone can be a part of the VR League. Each member of The League has been tested and proven by their good work and dedication in the V.R. industry .

“The League” are the light bearers in the dark, confusing and worrisome world of vacation rental ownership. We’re helping to illuminate the path and teach those who yearn to learn. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest tips, news, free tools and resources from the VR League! This week we introduce our newest V.R. League member. Who is it?……Stay tuned!

Wanna Join The V.R. League?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the League and you can offer something to owners and the team let us know, we’re interested in creating strategic alliances. If you know someone who is worthy of a recommendation, give them a shout out here.

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