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The Top 5 Reasons Travelers Book Vacation Homes Over Hotels

In order for you to bring your rental income to a higher level you need to know what is important to your customers. Your customers are travelers and what travelers want is, super important to your vacation rental success.

Below I have posted 5 of the top reasons why travelers book vacation rental properties instead of reserving a typical resort or hotel.

  1. Value For Price: The value of renting a vacation home surpasses that of renting a hotel room, especially when there’s a party of 3 or more.

  1. Privacy: Everyone traveling in the party will be able to enjoy more privacy including mom & dad.  A vacation home often has private yards and  are in gated communities.

  1. Full Kitchen Facilities: The full kitchen adds to the value of the vacation property because it saves guest money on meals. In addition to saving guests money it adds to the comfort of their stay.

  1. Amenities: In this section more is always better. Guest enjoy having access to as many amenities as possible.

  1. More Overall Space: The standard hotel is 300sp ft a big difference from  1800 sq ft condo or a 14,000 sq ft millionaire mansion. There is no question space abounds in a vacation rental.

Your potential guests may not realize all of these benefits of renting a vacation home, its your job to inform them.

Once you’ve made them aware of the benefits of booking your vacation rental it will be hard for them to spend the same or more for less.

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