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If you want to rule your “domain” then you have to start with a good website domain name.

You have probably seen and heard all sorts of different website domain names some very strange and others straight to the point.

I will post several articles about website domain names and the effect it will have with your vacation rentals website online marketing.

There are also ways you can use several domain names to promote and advertise your rental business and vacation rentals website.

If you don’t have a large marketing budget than you will need to go after natural or ” organic ” traffic for your website  from search engines like Google.

If your marketing budget is larger you can pick a unique name like Expedia did which has no relevance to anything, its made up.

These types of domains are used more for branding a company with a unique domain and identity.

However these types of website domain names will be a bit harder to market and more money will be required to invest as opposed to domain names that are more relevant such as as people will actually search for the word “hotels” or ” Affordable Hotels ”  etc..

You can chose to go with options such as pay per click campaigns (PPC) which basically means you pay for every click to your website.

Google offers a service like this however it is not for the inexperienced, plus marketing with Google pay per click ads can get very expensive quickly.

So you will need to go after ” Organic Rankings ” . This is coming up naturally on search engines without having to pay for every click.

As pay per click (PPC) can get expensive it sometimes is not feasible for many home owners who have limited marketing budgets especially since many renters will not rent from you once they’ve clicked on your pay per click ad.

Sooo… with that said you will need to make sure that your website is optimized to its full potential so you can get your vacation rental website to rank higher.

A well optimized rental website should have a good keyword domain name that will help rank your vacation rental website.

I have seen owners make attempts to come up with related keyword terms to use for their domain name, however most fail miserably, why is this?

The reason vacation rental owners fail to come up with a good keyword rich domain name that will help their villa website rank higher is because they don’t have the data.

Data is all so important on the Internet after all that’s what the Internet is all about, information.

So you’ll need to know what are people typing into search engines, what type of traveler you want to attract and the level of competition for each keyword.

Without all the data your attempt to find a well targeted keyword rich domain name for your vacation rental website will most probably be less effective than you think.

Just because you found a good domain name for your vacation rental website doesn’t mean your going to do well with it.

If you pick a domain name with popular keywords but the competition is very high for those keywords then you will not likely get exposure for your villas website, not because the domain wasn’t good but because the level of competition is high and it will require a large sum of your vacation rental marketing dollars to maybe compete.

So be very careful when chosing your domain name as you will have it for a long time, so let it help you get more rentals.

There are a few things you can do if your website isn’t keyword rich to get more related traffic.

We will discuss more about how you can do this and other tips about using domain names to drive traffic to your vacation rental website.

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