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Do you like wasting your time working with potential guests that don’t end up booking your property. You know the feeling when you spend the time answering questions, researching availability, writing emails and taking phone calls from customers who don’t end up renting your property.

Although there is something that can be learned with every missed opportunity for a sale. Learning the same lessons over and over is really a waist of your valuable time.

I have trained many salespeople in my career and most experienced property managers and booking agents never ask the basic questions necessary to qualify people before investing hours and even days into them.

1 Question You Gotta Ask To Save Yourself Time & Money!


What’s Your Magic Number?

Don’t be afraid to ask  your vacation rental “suspects”  you talk to “how much is your budget?”. I don’t call inquiries potential customers, yet, because not everyone who will be in front of you is a potential customer. In fact some travelers won’t be able to buy your product for various reasons. So, until you can qualify your travelers and determine that your vacation rental is suitable for them, they are just suspects, not prospects. This is why you’ve got to prequalify the travelers wanting to rent your vacation home.

The one question is what we call a “closing question” in the world of professional sales training. The point of asking this magic question is because you are trying to find out if you are in the same ballpark and how serious your “suspect” really is. If you offer more than one vacation rental for rent than maybe you can work them into an alternative property.

However you can only effectively accomplish this IF you know how much they’re willing to spend on their accommodations. One thing is for sure if you ask this question you will move closer to making the booking once you have the answer, AND you’ll save yourself from wasting time on “tire kickers”.

If you’re a single property owner and reveal what the renter is looking to spend on their vacation, you can negotiate better if you know their magic number. When you know their magic number you can better service your guests and yourself in the process, helping to strike the right deal for everyone and isn’t that what its all about! Now everybodys happy!

Keep an eye out for part 2 “3 Successful Ways To Ask For Their Magic Number” & “The Second Magic Question” Coming Up

Do you have any secret questions or techniques you use to help you negotiate? Please share them here, we’d like to hear them.

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