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The 3 E’s of marketing. 

In a previous blog I explained that vacation rental marketing is dead. Learn how to bring back your marketing using the 3 E’s of VR marketing.

The first E is:


“How to” books and guides are very popular books for 1 reason, people want to learn! Take the time and teach your travelers something they likely don’t know. Forget about booking a vacation, start educating travelers. You can create some really interesting tips and “how to” information that will help your travelers get the most out of their vacation.


If you want to effectively market your vacation rental or anything for that matter you should try to entertain your guests by offering them something they want to watch, witness, experience read or learn about.

Don’t make the same marketing mistakes other owners do, discover how VR experts effectively execute their marketing. Nobody wants to watch your boring advertisement of how great and awesome your vacation rental or travel businesses are, nobody gives a crap!

What customers do care about is, “what’s in it for me”. So, entertainment is something that will help you draw in prospects and effectively market your vacation rental at the same time, you just have to be a little creative.


The last E is emotion. Emotion will drive your customers to feel and react to your marketing. You have to pull on their heart strings then you can pull on the purse strings. If you can make them feel something, anything you have much more of a chance of them booking with you. Emotion motivates people to do things.

Watch the video for the full breakdown of the 3 E’s of VR marketing and how to use them in your VR marketing campaign.

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