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In this short video I explain why you should stop trying to book your vacation rentals and what you should do instead. I’ve helped hundreds of vacation rental owners and property agencies turn up their profits by making small changes that have huge impacts in their vacation rental businesses. The tips in this video are simple and easy to apply no matter if you’re a newbie property owner or an agent who needs some help with slumping occupancy rates.


Just a few weeks ago I met a booking agent her name is Amy, she expressed that she was feeling very frustrated with herself. She told me she hadn’t made a booking in several weeks after having a decent run during the busy season. Amy was very nervous of the future and uncertain of what she was doing wrong. She reluctantly admitted to me that she never had professional training.


She thought she was doing all the usual things and didn’t know what she could do differently to turn things around.  I could tell by her slightly slouched posture it was really weighing on her. I told her to relax and reassured her by telling her “together we can fix this”, she cracked a smile and I saw her perk up a bit.


So, I just hung out in the office with the staff for the day. I watched how the reservationist were dealing with inquiries and answering the phone calls that came in. I saw several common problems that needed to be improved ,one of which was that  all the agents were trying to book a vacation rental.


I sat Amy down and the first thing I told her was… you can do this Amy! I then said “you just need to refocus your energy and forget about booking vacation rentals”.  Forget about what you want to happen when you pick up that phone or send that next inquiry response.


I then gave her a few other pointers similar to what is in this video blog. The next day to her surprise she broke out of her slump and made a sale and then another and another. Way to go Amy!!!


I decided that in order to help you as well I should create several short and easy to digest sales training and marketing videos like this one. These videos will address some of the most common mistakes owners and property managers make. I’ve packed these videos with helpful tips rental owners and booking agents need to know in order to grow.


Watch the video!


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