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Why Does Your Vacation Rental Need A Slogan In Advertisements?


The large majority of vacation rental owners never even think about implementing a slogan on their vacation rental websites, advertising, or other marketing material. It’s probably because owners think slogans and logos are reserved for big businesses. A slogan is a crucial point in branding any business no matter its size (read more on the importance of branding your vacation rental here).


Why Should You Use A Slogan


A slogan combined with other branding elements like a professional vacation rental logo, will go a long way in building trust and credibility in the mind of your potential renter. These days skepticism is high in the vacation rental market due to scams, so anything you can do to add to your credibility will prove to be helpful and make selling easier.


Using an effective slogan in your vacation rental advertising can grab your travelers’ attention and hold it for a moment, by that time you’ve delivered your message.


Your slogan is your chance to pierce the hearts of your potential customer or tell your potential guests why you and your services are better than others. Your logo can help you deliver an emotional message which can make vacationers respond to your rental advertising.


Let’s have a look at a great example of a slogan.


                                                            ”You’re in Good Hands with Allstate”


slogan and logo for advertising



This slogan says a lot with very few words. The emotional trigger of security is a basic human need and we all want to feel safe. This emotional need to feel safe leveraged in a slogan can be an extremely powerful advertising tool.


Think about it, someone looking to purchase insurance wants to be protected and prepared. This slogan embraces the raw need of the client and uses it in their advertising, its a brilliant slogan.


A slogan can be used to set your brand apart from others. Here is a classic example of how Wendy’s made their burger stand out from their competitors.



logo and slogans advertising

This Wendy’s slogan suggests that other companies are using something other than 100% real beef.  The slogan makes their product appear superior and their competitors inferior.  A slogan used correctly can make your vacation rental stand out from your competitors.

What Is A Slogan?

A slogan is basically a brief advertising message that is consistently displayed with your business name and advertisements.


A slogan is an important part of vacation rental advertising which is often overlooked by owners, even by those who design a logo for their vacation rental. A slogan is a marketing element only a few owners are utilizing.


Your slogan should be used on your vacation rental website, business cards, email signatures and online advertisements.


Beef up your vacation rental advertisements by adding a slogan within your website and ads.


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